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Credit toward educational requirements for licensure.

(1) Applicants not meeting the minimum requirements set forth in WAC 246-834-060 may apply to the department for licensure by submitting the following:
(a) A completed, notarized application on a form provided by the department accompanied by a nonrefundable fee as specified in WAC 308-115-405;
(b) Credit for academic courses:
(i) Certification by an accrediting body, which has been approved by the department, of completed academic and continuing education courses as required in RCW 18.50.040 (2)(b) for which the applicant has received a grade of "C" or better. A certified copy of the courses taken and grades or scores achieved shall be submitted by the accrediting body directly to the department; or
(ii) Completion of challenge examinations approved by the department with a minimum score of 75% for any academic subject required in RCW 18.50.040 (2)(b). Challenge examinations shall be administered a minimum of twice a year. An applicant for challenge examination must file a completed application for each examination along with the required fee with the department at least 45 days prior to the examination.
(c) A prospectus for permission to undertake a midwife-in-training program. Such a program shall be on such terms as the department finds necessary to assure that the applicant meets the minimum statutory requirements for licensure set forth in RCW 18.50.040, and shall include, but not be limited to the following:
(i) The program shall be under the guidance and supervision of a preceptor, and shall be conducted for a period of not more than five years;
(ii) The program shall be designed to provide for individual learning experiences and instruction based upon the applicant's academic background, training, and experience;
(iii) The prospectus for the program shall be submitted on an approved form, signed by the preceptor, and approved by the department prior to the commencement of the program. Any changes in the program shall be reported within thirty days in writing to the department, and the department may withdraw the approval given, or alter the conditions under which approval was originally given, if the department finds that the program as originally submitted and approved has not been or is not being followed.
(2) The midwife-in-training program prospectus must include the following components:
(a) A plan for completion of required academic subjects required in RCW 18.50.040 (2)(b);
(b) Planned reading and written assignments;
(c) A project including at least one problem-solving component to be submitted in writing. The problem-solving component should include the definition of an acknowledged problem, the method of approach to the problem, the listing of possible alternatives, the actions taken, evaluation, and final recommendations to improve care given;
(d) Other planned learning experiences including acquisition of knowledge about other health and welfare agencies in the community;
(e) A quarterly written report, on an approved form, submitted to the department by the trainee, which shall include a detailed outline of progress toward meeting the objectives of the prospectus during the reporting period;
(f) The program must provide for a broad range of experience with a close working relationship between preceptor and the trainee. Toward that end, as a general rule, no program will be approved which would result in an individual preceptor supervising more than two midwives-in-training simultaneously. Exception to this rule may be granted by the department in unusual circumstances;
(g) The department may, in an individual case, require additional approved education, based upon assessment of the individual applicant's background, training and experience.
(3) Upon approval of the application, a trainee permit will be issued which enables the trainee to practice under the supervision of a preceptor. The permit shall expire within one year of issuance and may be extended as provided by rule.
(4) The trainee shall provide documentation of care given as follows:
(a) Records of no more than thirty-five women to whom the trainee has given care in each of the prenatal, intrapartum, and early postpartum periods, although the same women need not have been seen through all three periods. These records must contain affidavits from the clients certifying that the care was given. If a client is unavailable to sign an affidavit, an affidavit from a preceptor or a certified copy of the birth certificate may be substituted. The care may have been given prior to the beginning of the midwife-in-training program or during the trainee period;
(b) After being issued a trainee permit, the trainee must manage care in the prenatal, intrapartum, and early postpartum period of fifteen women under the supervision of the preceptor. These women shall be in addition to the women whose records were used to meet the conditions of (a) of this subsection. The preceptor shall submit, on approved forms, completed check-lists of skills and experiences when this requirement has been met;
(c) Evidence, on an approved form, of observing fifty deliveries in addition to those specified in (b) of this subsection. The deliveries may have been observed prior to the beginning of the midwife-in-training program or may be observed during the trainee period.
(5) Upon satisfactory completion of subsections (1)(a) through (4)(c) of this section, the trainee is eligible to apply for the examination.
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