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Supportive services that may be performed by expanded function dental auxiliaries (EFDAs).

(1) A dentist may allow EFDAs to perform the following supportive services under the dentist's close supervision:
(a) Oral inspection, with no diagnosis.
(b) Place and remove the rubber dam.
(c) Take preliminary and final impressions and bite registrations, to include computer assisted design and computer assisted manufacture applications.
(d) Take impressions, fabricate, and deliver bleaching and fluoride trays.
(e) Remove the excess cement after the dentist has placed a permanent or temporary inlay, crown, bridge or appliance, or around orthodontic bands.
(f) Place periodontal packs.
(g) Remove periodontal packs or sutures.
(h) Place a matrix and wedge for a metallic and nonmetallic direct restorative material after the dentist has prepared the cavity.
(i) Place a temporary filling (as zinc oxide-eugenol (ZOE)) after diagnosis and examination by the dentist.
(j) Apply tooth separators as for placement for Class III gold foil.
(k) Fabricate, place, and remove temporary crowns or temporary bridges.
(l) Pack and medicate extraction areas.
(m) Deliver an oral sedative drug to patient.
(n) Place topical anesthetics.
(o) Place retraction cord.
(p) Polish restorations.
(q) Select denture shade and mold.
(r) Acid etch.
(s) Take intra-oral and extra-oral photographs.
(t) Take health histories.
(u) Take and record blood pressure and vital signs.
(v) Give preoperative and postoperative instructions.
(w) Assist in the administration of inhalation minimal sedation (nitrous oxide) analgesia or sedation.
(x) Select orthodontic bands for size.
(y) Place and remove orthodontic separators.
(z) Prepare teeth for the bonding or orthodontic appliances.
(aa) Fit and adjust headgear.
(bb) Remove fixed orthodontic appliances.
(cc) Remove and replace archwires and orthodontic wires.
(dd) Take a facebow transfer for mounting study casts.
(ee) Place and carve direct restorations.
(ff) Take impressions for temporary oral devices, such as but not limited to space maintainers, orthodontic retainers, and occlusal guards.
(2) A dentist may allow EFDAs to perform the following supportive services under the dentist's general supervision:
(a) Perform coronal polishing.
(b) Give fluoride treatments.
(c) Apply sealants.
(d) Place dental X-ray film and exposing and developing the films.
(e) Give patient oral health instructions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.260.120 and 18.32.0365. WSR 08-14-010, ยง 246-817-525, filed 6/19/08, effective 7/1/08.]
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