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WAC 246-808-150

Agency filings affecting this section

Commission approved continuing education.

(1) Chiropractors must complete twenty-five hours of continuing education per year under RCW 18.25.070 and chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 7.
(2) The commission approves the following subject material for continuing chiropractic education credit:
(a) Diagnosis and treatment of the spine or immediate articulations within the scope of practice;
(b) X-ray/diagnostic imaging;
(c) Adjustive technique;
(d) Detection of a subluxation;
(e) Physical examination;
(f) Hygiene;
(g) Symptomatology;
(h) Neurology;
(i) Pathology;
(j) Orthopedics;
(k) Patient/case management;
(l) Impairment within the scope of practice;
(m) CPR;
(n) Dietary and nutrition advice; and
(o) Chiropractic philosophy and business management (not to exceed a total of eight hours).
(3) Subject matter not approved for continuing education credit:
(a) Subject matter not directly relating to the chiropractic clinical scope of practice; and
(b) Conduct prohibited by Washington state statutes or rules governing chiropractic practice.
(4) A chiropractor may earn a maximum of twelve hours for:
(a) Completing a multimedia chiropractic education program, which includes, but is not limited to, the internet, and video presentations.
(b) Serving as teachers or lecturers in continuing education programs. A chiropractor may receive credit on the same basis as the doctors attending the program.
(5) The individual or organization responsible for a continuing education presentation must provide documentation of attendance to participants, including course content and number of hours.
(6) Chiropractors in active status who reside and practice outside Washington must meet all the requirements of this section.
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