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Accepting a child with a parent in treatment.

A chemical dependency facility that accepts a child with a parent in treatment must assure child care services are provided for the child and the services of a health care provider who is responsible for developing health care policies, provides consultation and monitors the child's health care. The facility shall:
(1) Operate or arrange for child care licensed by DSHS under chapter 388-295 WAC, Minimum licensing requirements for child day care centers, chapter 388-151 WAC, School-age child care center minimum licensing requirements, chapter 388-155 WAC, Minimum licensing requirements for family child day care homes which the children will attend during treatment hours of the parent;
(2) Allow an infant under one month of age to be cared for by the staff of the RTF to supplement care by the mother;
(3) Allow the parent to be responsible for the care of his/her own child during the hours the parent is not in treatment, with the following conditions:
(a) The parent's management of the child is subject to the policies and procedures of the RTF;
(b) A parent may designate another resident to care for a child, if the designation is in writing and includes:
(i) A specified time period;
(ii) Any special instructions; and
(iii) Is signed by the parent, designee and staff member who approves of the designation;
(4) Establish policies and procedures addressing the chronological and developmental needs of the children to be accepted;
(5) Obtain a health history for each child following admission;
(6) Develop with the parent a plan of care for each child that addresses the child's health care needs including medications.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 71.12 RCW. WSR 05-15-157, ยง 246-337-085, filed 7/20/05, effective 8/20/05.]
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