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Last Update: 2/23/15

Chapter 246-232 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose and scope.
Exemption of certain source material.
Exemption of certain depleted uranium items.
Exemption of certain timepieces, hands or dials.
Exemption of certain items containing radioactive material.
Exempt concentrations and exempt quantities.
Exemption of certain self-luminous products containing radioactive material(s).
Exemption of certain gas and aerosol detectors containing radioactive material.
Exemption of C-14 urea diagnostic capsules for human use.
Types of licenses.
Prelicensing inspection.
Reciprocal recognition of licenses.
Terms and conditions of licenses.
Termination of licenses and decommissioning of sites and separate buildings or outdoor areas.
Modification and revocation of licenses.
Transfer of material.
Schedule B, exempt quantities of radioactive materials.
Schedule C, exempt concentrations.
Schedule D.