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246-101-210  <<  246-101-215 >>   246-101-220

Content of documentation accompanying specimen submission.

For each condition listed in Table Lab-1 of WAC 246-101-201, laboratory directors shall provide the following information with each specimen submission:
(1) Type of specimen tested;
(2) Name of reporting laboratory;
(3) Telephone number of reporting laboratory;
(4) Date of specimen collection;
(5) Requesting health care provider's name;
(6) Requesting health care provider's phone number;
(7) Requesting health care provider's address, when available;
(8) Test result;
(9) Name of patient;
(10) Sex of patient, when available in laboratory data base;
(11) Date of birth or age of patient, when available in laboratory data base;
(12) Full address of patient, or patient zip code at a minimum, when available in laboratory data base;
(13) Telephone number of patient, when available in laboratory data base;
(14) Other information of epidemiological value, when available.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 11-02-065, § 246-101-215, filed 1/4/11, effective 2/4/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050, 70.24.125 and 70.28.010. WSR 00-23-120, § 246-101-215, filed 11/22/00, effective 12/23/00.]