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Special closures and firearm restriction areas.

It is unlawful to hunt in the following restricted hunting areas unless otherwise provided:
(a) Parker Lake (GMU 117, Pend Oreille County): All lands south of Ruby Creek Road (USFS Road 2489), north of Tacoma Creek Road (USFS Road 2389), and west of Bonneville Power Administration power lines are designated as "CLOSED AREA" to hunting wild animals and wild birds year-round except for special hunts adopted by the fish and wildlife commission. The Parker Lake closure provides a protected area for the U.S. Air Force Military Survival Training Program.
(b) Columbia River: The Columbia River, all islands except privately owned, in the river, the Benton County shoreline below the high water mark, Central Hanford Department of Energy property, and any peninsula originating on the Benton County shoreline, between Vernita Bridge on Highway 24 downstream to the Richland city limits are designated as a "CLOSED AREA" to hunting wild animals and wild birds except waterfowl hunting is open below the high water mark between the old Hanford townsite power line crossing (wooden towers) in Section 24, T 13 N, R 27 E, and the Richland city limits.
(c) Green River (GMU 485): Except for special permit hunters, who may also take a black bear and/or cougar with the appropriate license/tag options, all lands within GMU 485 are designated as a "CLOSED AREA" to hunting big game year-round. During the general westside elk season and general and late deer seasons, all lands within GMU 485 year-round are also designated as a "CLOSED AREA" to hunting all wild animals, including wild birds, year-round. The city of Tacoma enforces trespass within GMU 485 year-round on lands owned or controlled by the city.
(d) McNeil Island (part of GMU 652): Closed to hunting all wild animals, including wild birds, year-round.
(e) Loo-wit (GMU 522): Closed to hunting and trapping, except for elk hunting by special permit holders during established seasons and in designated areas.
(2) A violation of subsection (1) of this section is punishable under RCW 77.15.400, 77.15.410, or 77.15.430, depending on the species hunted.
It is unlawful to hunt big game in the following closed areas, unless otherwise specified:
(a) Clark, Cowlitz, Pacific, and Wahkiakum counties: Closed to hunting for Columbian whitetail deer.
(b) Cathlamet: Except for special permits issued by the department for nonendangered deer and elk, this area is closed to all deer and elk hunting to protect the Columbian whitetail deer. This area's boundaries are described as:
Beginning in the town of Skamokawa; then east along SR 4 to Risk Road; then south and east along Risk Road to Foster Road; then south along the Foster Road to the Elochoman River; then upstream along the Elochoman River to Elochoman Valley Road (old SR 407); then west along the Elochoman Valley Road to SR 4; then east along SR 4 to SR 409; then south along SR 409 to the Cathlamet Channel of the Columbia River; then east along the north shore of the Cathlamet Channel to Cape Horn; then south in the Columbia River to the state line; then west along the state line to a point directly south of the mouth of Skamokawa Creek; then north on Skamokawa Creek to SR 4 and the point of beginning.
(c) Walla Walla Mill Creek Watershed (GMU 157): All lands in the Mill Creek Watershed are designated as a "CLOSED AREA" to hunting all wild animals, including wild birds. The only exception is for deer or elk hunting by holders of GMU-157 special deer or elk permits during the established open season. These permit holders must have a U.S. Forest Service permit to enter the hunt area, and the area is closed to motorized vehicles. No entry into the Mill Creek Watershed is allowed at other times.
(d) Westport: Closed to hunting all big game animals on the part of Westport Peninsula lying north of State Highway 105 from the Elk River Bridge west end and the Schafer Island Road to the ocean beach.
(e) Cottonwood and Howard islands (GMU 564): Closed to all deer hunting.
(4) A violation of subsection (3) of this section is a gross misdemeanor or a class C felony punishable under RCW 77.15.410, depending on the circumstances of the violation.
(a) It is unlawful to hunt wildlife in the following firearm restriction areas with centerfire or rimfire rifles, or to fail to comply with additional firearm restrictions, except as established below:
That portion of GMU 251 (Mission) beginning at the intersection of the Duncan Road and Highway 2; south on Duncan Road to Mountain Home Road; south along Mountain Home Road to the Icicle Irrigation Ditch; south and west along the Icicle Irrigation Ditch to the Snow Lake Trail; west and north along the Snow Lake Trail and across the Icicle River to Icicle River Road; east and north along Icicle River Road to the Wenatchee River; northwest along the Wenatchee River to Highway 2; north and east on Highway 2 to Duncan Road and the point of beginning.
That portion of GMU 624 (Coyle) located within Clallam County.
GMU 564 (Battleground)
That portion of GMU 554 in Clark County.
GMU 554 (Yale)
GMU 504 (Stella)
That portion of GMU 564 (Battleground) in Cowlitz County.
Grays Harbor
That portion of GMU 658 (North River) beginning at Bay City; then west along Highway 105 to Twin Harbors State Park; then south along Highway 105 to Grayland Grocery; then east on Cranberry Road to Turkey Road; then east and north on Turkey Road to Bayview Logging Road; then north and east along Bayview Logging Road to Mallard Slough; then east and south along the Bayview Road to Andrews Creek; then north along main channel of Andrews Creek to Grays Harbor; then north and west along the main navigation channel to Bay City and point of beginning.
Grays Harbor
The following Chehalis Valley restriction applies only during modern firearm elk seasons:
That portion of GMU 660 (Minot Peak) described as follows: Beginning at Highway 12 and Highway 107 junction near Montesano; east and south on Highway 12 to State Street in Oakville; south on State Street to its merge with Oakville Road; west on Oakville Road to its merge with South Bank Road; northwest along South Bank Road to Wakefield Road; north on Wakefield Road to the Chehalis River; west along the Chehalis River to Highway 107 bridge; north on Highway 107 to Highway 12 to the point of beginning.
GMUs 421 (Camano) and 420 (Whidbey).
Indian and Marrowstone islands.
The area west of Highway 203 (Monroe-Fall City, then Fall City-Preston Road) to Interstate 90 (I-90), I-90 to Highway 18, Highway 18 to Interstate 5 (I-5), I-5 to the Pierce-King County line; and GMU 422 (Vashon-Maury).
This area is restricted to archery only:
The following portion of GMU 652 (Puyallup): Beginning at the intersection of State Highway 410 and the southeast Mud Mountain Dam Road near the King/Pierce County line north of Buckley; then east along the southeast Mud Mountain Road to 284th Avenue Southeast; then north along 284th Avenue Southeast to State Highway 410; then west along Highway 410 to the point of the beginning.
East of State Highway 16 originating at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to Gorst, and east of Highway 3 to Newbury Hill Road, north of Newbury Hill Road and the Bremerton-Seabeck Highway to Big Beef Creek Bridge; all of Bainbridge Island, and Bangor Military Reservation.
GMU 334 (Ellensburg) Closed to centerfire rifles during deer and elk seasons except for those areas designated in writing by WDFW wildlife conflict staff.
Elk Area 5062 (Trout Lake) closed to centerfire rifles, handguns, and muzzleloaders October 1 to January 30.
GMU 633 (Mason Lake) south of Hammersley Inlet; and all of Harstine Island.
GMU 684 (Long Beach) the following Long Beach Peninsula restriction applies only during modern firearm deer and elk seasons: Beginning at the end of Outer Harbor Way in the City of Ilwaco to U.S. Highway 101, west and north on Highway 101 to Sandridge Road; north on Sandridge Road to 95th Street; west on 95th Street to Tarlatt Slough; out Tarlatt Slough to Willapa Bay, north along the shoreline of Willapa Bay, then west to the Pacific Ocean. South along the west coast of the peninsula to Cape Disappointment State Park; east along state park boundary to Baker Bay; east along Baker Bay to the point of beginning.
The portion of GMU 658 (North River) south and west of State Highway 105 and Airport Road between Raymond and North River Bridge.
GMU 681 (Chinook Valley) beginning at confluence of Wallacut River, east along the Columbia River to the Astoria-Megler bridge; west along U.S. Highway 101 to Houtchen Road, north on Houtchen Road to the Chinook River; west on the Chinook River to the Chinook Valley Road; west on the Chinook Valley Road to Highway 101 and Wallacut River bridge; southwest on Wallacut River to point of beginning.
GMU 652 (Ketron Island), GMU 655 (Anderson) limited to archery, shotgun, and muzzleloader. McNeil Island closed to hunting.
See GMU 652 restriction area outlined for King County.
GMU 627 (Kitsap) south of Highway 302 on the Longbranch Peninsula is a firearm restriction area.
San Juan
All San Juan County, including GMUs 411 (Orcas), 412 (Shaw), 413 (San Juan), 414 (Lopez), 415 (Blakely), 416 (Decatur), and those portions of GMU 410 (Islands) that occur in San Juan County.
All areas west of Highway 9, until the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 2, then east along Highway 2 to Highway 203, then all areas west of Highway 203 to the Snohomish/King County line.
All mainland areas and islands, including GMU 419 (Guemes), in Skagit County west of I-5 and north of the Skagit/Snohomish County line, except Cypress Island. This restriction applies to big game hunting only.
That portion of GMU 564 (Battle Ground) in Skamania County.
GMU 666 (Deschutes) north of U.S. Highway 101 and Interstate 5 between Oyster Bay and the mouth of the Nisqually River.
All mainland areas and islands of Whatcom County that are west of I-5. This restriction applies to big game hunting only.
(b) Archery tag holders may only hunt during established archery seasons with archery equipment as defined under WAC 232-12-054.
(c) Muzzleloader tag holders may only hunt during established muzzleloader seasons with muzzleloader equipment or archery equipment as defined by department rule.
(d) Modern firearm tag holders may hunt during established modern firearm seasons with bows and arrows; crossbows; muzzleloaders; revolver-type handguns; semiautomatic handguns of .40 (10 mm) caliber or larger; or shotguns, so long as the equipment and ammunition complies with department rules.
(6) A violation of subsection (5) of this section is punishable under RCW 77.15.400, 77.15.410, or 77.15.430, depending on the species hunted.
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