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Last Update: 10/8/13

Chapter 222-24 WAC


WAC Sections

Construction in wetlands.
Road location and design.
*Temporary roads.
Road construction.
Landing location and construction.
*Preapplication consultation and road-related forest practices hydraulic projects.
*Water crossing structures for all typed waters.
*Water crossing structures in Type S and F Waters.
*Water crossing structures in Type Np and Ns Waters.
*Temporary bypass culverts, flumes, or channels.
*Bank protection.
*Road maintenance and abandonment.
*Large forest landowner road maintenance schedule.
*Small forest landowner road maintenance planning.
Road maintenance.
Rock quarries, gravel pits, borrow pits, and spoil disposal areas.
Reviser's note: For an explanation of the rules marked with an asterisk (*), see WAC 222-12-010.