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Sale under a direct retail endorsement.

It is unlawful for any fisher selling salmon, sturgeon or Dungeness crab taken by that fisher under a direct retail endorsement, or for a wholesale dealer accepting salmon, sturgeon or crab from such a fisher, to fail to comply with the requirements of this section.
(1) A direct retail endorsement will not be issued to a licensee who is other than a natural person. Applicants for the endorsement must present a letter from the county health department of the fisher's county of residence certifying that the methods used by the fisher for transport, storage and display of product meet the county and statewide standards for food service operations. If the fisher is landing product from a documented vessel, the letter may be from the county health department of the hailing port of the vessel. Additionally, applicants must present a valid food and beverage service worker's permit at the time of application, and pay the direct retail administrative cost of fifty dollars. The health department letter, permit, and administrative cost are required for each application or renewal for a direct retail endorsement.
(2) Any fisher who offers salmon, sturgeon or crab for retail sale must complete a fish receiving ticket for all salmon, sturgeon or crab aboard the harvesting vessel before the product is offered for retail sale, except if the salmon, sturgeon or crab are being offered for sale directly off the catcher vessel, the fisher may complete the ticket with an estimated number or weight. At the completion of the retail activity, the fisher who has completed a ticket with an estimated number or weight is required to enter the actual number and weight of salmon, sturgeon or crab that were sold at retail. The price shown on the fish receiving ticket must be the actual sale price of the salmon, sturgeon or crab.
(3) Any fisher selling salmon, sturgeon or crab at retail if the product is taken from an area under the quick reporting requirements of WAC 220-69-240, is required to comply with the quick reporting requirement.
(4) Sturgeon and crab offered for retail sale must be landed in the round. Salmon may be cleaned or headed but not steaked or filleted prior to landing.
(5) In order to allow inspection and sampling, each fisher offering salmon, sturgeon or crab for retail sale at any location other than the harvesting vessel or, if from the harvesting vessel, in an amount having a retail value greater than one hundred fifty dollars must notify the department eighteen hours prior to sale and identify the location of the fisher's vessel, temporary food service establishment or restaurant or other business which prepares and sells food at retail to which the fisher is selling the salmon, sturgeon or crab. The only acceptable notification is by telephone to 360-902-2936, fax to 902-2155, or email to enforcement-web@dfw.wa.gov.
(6) Each fisher offering salmon, sturgeon or crab for retail sale must maintain a sequentially numbered receipt book, which receipt book contains a receipt duplicate copy, and must give each purchaser of salmon, sturgeon or crab a receipt showing the number, weight and value of salmon, sturgeon or crab sold to that purchaser. The duplicate receipts must be retained by the seller for one year.
(7) If salmon, sturgeon or crab offered for retail sale and documented on a fish receiving ticket are subsequently sold to a licensed wholesale dealer, the sale must be documented by a sale receipt, not a fish receiving ticket, and it is the responsibility of the wholesale dealer to maintain the product separately, until the product is resold or processed.
(8) Violations of this section are punishable under RCW 77.15.640, Wholesale fish buying and dealing—Rules violations.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 77.12.047. WSR 04-08-025 (Order 04-63), § 220-20-080, filed 3/29/04, effective 4/29/04; WSR 03-05-059 (Order 03-32), § 220-20-080, filed 2/18/03, effective 3/21/03.]
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