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Requirements for removing an ignition interlock device.

(1) A manufacturer will determine a restricted operator's compliance of this section in accordance with RCW 46.20.720. A manufacturer may approve a vendor to determine a restricted operator’s compliance of this section in accordance with RCW 46.20.720 on a case-by-case basis.
(2) The manufacturer or its service center must return the vehicle in normal operating condition after it removes an ignition interlock device.
(3) An ignition interlock technician or service center can only remove an ignition interlock device for which they have been certified to service, unless an ignition interlock technician or service center has received approval from the impaired driving section allowing it to remove an ignition interlock device that it has not been certified to service.
(4) An ignition interlock device will be removed from the vehicle in which it is installed when a restricted driver or lessee becomes sixty days past due on their account. If the restricted driver does not appear for a removal appointment and makes no attempt to contact the manufacturer, the replacement cost of the ignition interlock device may be added to the lessee's account.
(5) A manufacturer or its service center shall provide any final report requested by the originating court, impaired driving section and/or requested by DOL to the requestor once the ignition interlock device has been removed from a restricted operator's vehicle(s).
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