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Managed care choice and assignment.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, the medicaid agency requires a client to enroll in managed care when that client:
(a) Is eligible for one of the Washington apple health programs for which enrollment is mandatory;
(b) Resides in an area where enrollment is mandatory; and
(c) Is not exempt from managed care enrollment or the agency has not ended the client's managed care enrollment, consistent with WAC 182-538-130.
(2) American Indian and Alaska native (AI/AN) clients and their descendants may choose one of the following:
(a) Enrollment with a managed care organization (MCO) available in their area;
(b) Enrollment with a PCCM provider through a tribal clinic or urban Indian center available in their area; or
(c) The agency's fee-for-service system.
(3) To enroll with an MCO or PCCM provider, a client may:
(a) Enroll online via the Washington Healthplanfinder at https://www.wahealthplanfinder.org;
(b) Call the agency's toll-free enrollment line at 800-562-3022;
(c) Go to the ProviderOne client portal at https://www.waproviderone.org/client and follow the instructions;
(d) Mail a postage-paid completed managed care enrollment form (HCA 13-862) to the agency's unit responsible for managed care enrollment; or
(e) Fax the managed care enrollment form (HCA 13-862) to the agency at the number located on the enrollment form.
(4) A client must enroll with an MCO available in the area where the client resides.
(5) All family members will be enrolled with the same MCO, except family members of an enrollee placed in the patient review and coordination (PRC) program under WAC 182-501-0135 need not enroll in the same MCO as the family member placed in the PRC program.
(6) A client may be placed into the PRC program by the client's MCO or the agency. The client placed in the PRC program must follow the enrollment requirements in WAC 182-501-0135.
(7) When a client requests enrollment with an MCO or PCCM provider, the agency enrolls a client effective the earliest possible date given the requirements of the agency's enrollment system.
(8) The agency assigns a client who does not choose an MCO as follows:
(a) If the client was enrolled with an MCO or PCCM provider within the previous six months, the client is reenrolled with the same MCO;
(b) If (a) of this subsection does not apply and the client has a family member enrolled with an MCO, the client is enrolled with that MCO;
(c) If the client cannot be assigned according to (a) or (b) of this subsection, the agency assigns the client as follows:
(i) If a client who is not AI or AN does not choose an MCO, the agency assigns the client to an MCO available in the area where the client resides. The MCO is responsible for primary care provider (PCP) choice and assignment.
(ii) For clients who are newly eligible or who have had a break in eligibility of more than six months, the agency sends a written notice to each household of one or more clients who are assigned to an MCO. The assigned client has ten calendar days to contact the agency to change the MCO assignment before enrollment is effective. The notice includes:
(A) The agency's toll-free number;
(B) The toll-free number and name of the MCO to which each client has been assigned;
(C) The effective date of enrollment; and
(D) The date by which the client must respond in order to change the assignment.
(iii) If the client has a break in eligibility of less than six months, the client will be automatically reenrolled with his or her previous MCO and no notice will be sent.
(9) Upon request, the agency will assist clients in identifying an MCO with which their provider participates.
(10) An MCO enrollee's selection of a PCP or assignment to a PCP occurs as follows:
(a) An MCO enrollee may choose:
(i) A PCP or clinic that is in the enrollee's MCO and accepting new enrollees; or
(ii) A different PCP or clinic participating with the enrollee's MCO for different family members.
(b) The MCO assigns a PCP or clinic that meets the access standards set forth in the relevant managed care contract if the enrollee does not choose a PCP or clinic.
(c) An MCO enrollee may change PCPs or clinics in an MCO for any reason, with the change becoming effective no later than the beginning of the month following the enrollee's request.
(d) An MCO enrollee may file a grievance with the MCO if the MCO does not approve an enrollee's request to change PCPs or clinics.
(e) MCO enrollees required to participate in the agency's PRC program may be limited in their right to change PCPs (see WAC 182-501-0135).
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