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Last Update: 4/29/15

Chapter 182-535 WAC


WAC Sections

Dental-related servicesDefinitions.
Dental-related servicesClient eligibility.
Dental-related servicesMedical care services clients.
Dental-related servicesProvider information.
Dental-related servicesGeneral.
Dental-related servicesCoveredDiagnostic.
Dental-related servicesCoveredPreventive services.
Dental-related servicesCoveredRestorative services.
Dental-related servicesCoveredEndodontic services.
Dental-related servicesCoveredPeriodontic services.
Dental-related servicesCoveredProsthodontics (removable).
Dental-related servicesCoveredMaxillofacial prosthetic services.
Dental-related servicesCoveredOral and maxillofacial surgery services.
Dental-related servicesCoveredOrthodontic services.
Dental-related servicesCoveredAdjunctive general services.
Dental-related services for clients of the developmental disabilities administration of the department of social and health services.
Dental-related servicesNot covered.
Obtaining prior authorization for dental-related services.
Access to baby and child dentistry (ABCD) program.
Payment methodology for dental-related services.
Payment for dental-related services.
Payment for denture laboratory services.
Payment for dental-related hospital services.
Payment for dental care provided out-of-state.