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Chapter 182-512 WAC


WAC Sections

Supplemental security income (SSI) standards; SSI-related categorically needy income level (CNIL); and countable resource standards.
SSI-related medical—General information.
SSI-related medical—Categorically needy (CN) medical eligibility.
SSI-related medical—Medically needy (MN) medical eligibility.
SSI-related medical—Definition of resources.
SSI-related medical—Ownership and availability of resources.
SSI-related medical—How to count a sponsor's resources.
SSI-related medical—Resources eligibility.
SSI-related medical—Property and contracts excluded as resources.
SSI-related medical—Vehicles excluded as resources.
SSI-related medical—Life insurance excluded as a resource.
SSI-related medical—Burial funds, contracts and spaces excluded as resources.
SSI-related medical—All other excluded resources.
SSI-related medical—Definition of income.
SSI-related medical—Available income.
SSI-related medical—Income eligibility.
SSI-related medical—Countable unearned income.
SSI-related medical—Education assistance.
SSI-related medical—American Indian or Alaska Native excluded income and resources.
SSI-related medical—Employment and training programs.
SSI-related medical—Effect of a sponsor's income.
SSI-related medical—Exemption from sponsor deeming.
SSI-related medical—Budgeting a sponsor's income.
SSI-related medical—General income exclusions.
SSI-related medical—Child-related income exclusions and allocations.
SSI-related medical—Work- and agency-related income exclusions.
SSI-related medical—Income exclusions under federal statute or other state laws.
SSI-related medical—Special income disregards.
SSI-related medical—Deeming and allocation of income.
SSI-related medical—Deeming/allocation of income from nonapplying spouse.
SSI-related medical—Deeming income from an ineligible parent(s) to a child applying for SSI-related medical.
SSI-related medicalAllocating incomeDetermining eligibility for a spouse when the other spouse receives long-term services and supports.
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