Last Update: 11/25/14

Chapter 181-85 WAC


WAC Sections

Public policy goal.
Effective date and applicable certificates.
Continuing education—Definition.
Continuing education credit hour—Definition.
Continuing education credit hour—Definition—Internships.
Continuing education credit hour—Definition—Professional growth team consultation and collaboration—School accreditation site visit team participation—National Board for Professional Teaching Standards assessment—Supervisors—First peoples' language, culture and oral tribal traditions.
Lapse date—Definition.
Approved in-service education agency—Definition.
Continuing education requirement.
Continuing education credit—ESAs.
In-service education records.
Calculation of lapse dates.
SPI initial notice to certificate holders of continuing education requirement.
Filing requirement with SPI.
Documentation requirement.
Documentation retention period.
SPI audits of documentation.
Reinstatement of lapsed certificate.
In-service education approval standards.
Required recordkeeping by approved in-service education agencies.
Assurances of compliance with program and recordkeeping standards.
Annual approval procedures.
Selective audit of records of in-service education agencies.
Noncompliance—Substantial compliance rule.
Appeal to professional educator standards board.