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WAC 181-82-110

Agency filings affecting this section

School district response and support for nonmatched endorsements to course assignment of teachers.

Individuals with initial, residency, endorsed continuing, or professional teacher certificates who are employed with a school district under RCW 28A.405.210 may be assigned to classes other than in their areas of endorsement. If teachers are so assigned, the following shall apply:
(1) A designated representative of the district and any such teacher so assigned shall mutually develop a written plan which provides for necessary assistance to the teacher, and which provides for a reasonable amount of planning and study time associated specifically with the out-of-endorsement assignment;
(2) Such teachers shall not be subject to nonrenewal or probation based on evaluations of their teaching effectiveness in the out-of-endorsement assignments;
(3) Such teaching assignments shall be approved by a formal vote of the local school board for each teacher so assigned;
(4) A teacher who has completed twenty-four quarter credit hours (sixteen semester credit hours) of course work applicable to a special education endorsement shall be eligible for a preendorsement waiver from the special education office per chapter 392-172A WAC which will allow that person to be employed as a special education teacher. All remaining requirements for special education endorsement shall be completed within five years.
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