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WAC 180-18-050

Procedure to obtain waiver.

(1) State board of education approval of district waiver requests pursuant to WAC 180-18-030 and 180-18-040 shall occur at a state board meeting prior to implementation. A district's waiver application shall include, at a minimum, a resolution adopted by the district board of directors, an application form, a proposed school calendar, and a summary of the collective bargaining agreement with the local education association stating the number of professional development days, full instruction days, late-start and early-release days, and the amount of other noninstruction time. The resolution shall identify the basic education requirement for which the waiver is requested and include information on how the waiver will support improving student achievement. The resolution must include a statement attesting that the district will meet the minimum instructional hours requirement of RCW 28A.150.220(2) under the waiver plan. The resolution shall be accompanied by information detailed in the guidelines and application form available on the state board of education's web site.
(2) The application for a waiver and all supporting documentation must be received by the state board of education at least forty days prior to the state board of education meeting where consideration of the waiver shall occur. The state board of education shall review all applications and supporting documentation to insure the accuracy of the information. In the event that deficiencies are noted in the application or documentation, districts will have the opportunity to make corrections and to seek state board approval at a subsequent meeting.
(3) Under this section, a district seeking to obtain a waiver of no more than five days from the provisions of the minimum one hundred eighty-day school year requirement pursuant to RCW 28A.305.140 solely for the purpose of conducting parent-teacher conferences shall provide notification of the district request to the state board of education at least thirty days prior to implementation of the plan. A request for more than five days must be presented to the state board under subsection (1) of this section for approval. The notice shall provide information and documentation as directed by the state board. The information and documentation shall include, at a minimum:
(a) An adopted resolution by the school district board of directors which shall state, at a minimum, the number of school days and school years for which the waiver is requested, and attest that the district will meet the minimum instructional hours requirement of RCW 28A.150.220(2) under the waiver plan.
(b) A detailed explanation of how the parent-teacher conferences to be conducted under the waiver plan will be used to improve student achievement;
(c) The district's reasons for electing to conduct parent-teacher conferences through full days rather than partial days;
(d) The number of partial days that will be reduced as a result of implementing the waiver plan;
(e) A description of participation by administrators, teachers, other staff and parents in the development of the waiver request;
(f) An electronic link to the collective bargaining agreement with the local education association.
Within thirty days of receipt of the notification, the state board will, on a determination that the required information and documentation have been submitted, notify the requesting district that the requirements of this section have been met and a waiver has been granted.
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