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WAC 170-296A-2175

Agency filings affecting this section

Materials that must be posted.

The following must be posted in the licensed space during operating hours and clearly visible to the parents, guardians and staff:
(1) A statement of the licensee's philosophy of child development;
(2) Emergency information, including:
(a) 911 or emergency services number;
(b) Name of the licensee, telephone number(s), emergency contact information, address, and directions from the nearest major arterial street or nearest cross street to the licensed home;
(c) Washington poison center toll-free phone number; and
(d) DSHS children's administration intake (child protective services) toll-free telephone number;
(3) Emergency preparedness plan and drills with the following information:
(a) Dates and times of previous drills;
(b) Procedure for sounding alarm;
(c) Monthly smoke detector check, and carbon monoxide detector check if carbon monoxide detectors are required under WAC 170-296A-2950;
(d) Floor plan with escape routes and emergency exits identified; and
(e) Emergency medical information or explanation of where that information can be found;
(4) Child care licensing information including:
(a) The current department-issued child care license;
(b) If applicable, a copy of current department-approved exceptions to the rules;
(5) If applicable, notice of any current or pending department enforcement action. Notice must be posted:
(a) Immediately upon receipt; and
(b) For at least two weeks or until the violation causing the enforcement action is corrected, whichever is longer;
(6) A notice stating that additional information about the child care license is available upon request to the licensee. This information includes:
(a) Copies of department monitoring checklists;
(b) If applicable, any facility licensing compliance agreements (FLCA);
(c) If applicable, copy of any enforcement action taken by the department for the previous three years; and
(d) If applicable, notice that the licensee does not have liability insurance coverage, or that the coverage has lapsed or been terminated. See RCW 43.215.535;
(7) A statement on how the licensee will communicate with the parent or guardian on their child's development and parenting support; and
(8) A typical daily schedule as described in WAC 170-296A-6550.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.215.060, 43.215.070, chapter 43.215 RCW, and 2011 c 297. WSR 11-23-068, ยง 170-296A-2175, filed 11/14/11, effective 3/31/12.]