Information to be kept in the child's individual file.

(1) Licensees must keep current organized confidential records and information about each child in care on the premises as provided in WAC 170-300-0465, and must make sure that each child's record contains, at a minimum:
(a) Completed enrollment application signed by the parent;
(b) Name, birth date, dates of enrollment and termination, and other identifying information;
(c) Name, address, and home and business telephone number of the parent and other person to be contacted in case of an emergency;
(d) Health history;
(e) Individual plan of care when needed for chronic health conditions and life threatening medical conditions;
(f) Written consent from the parent for the licensee to seek and approve medical care in an emergency situation, a court order waiving the right of informed consent, or the parent's alternate plans for emergency medical and surgical care if the parent can not be reached;
(g) Information on how to contact the parents, especially in emergencies;
(h) Instructions from the parent or health care providers related to medications, specific food or feeding requirements, allergies, treatments, and special equipment or health care needs if necessary;
(i) Written records of any illness or injury that occurs during child care hours and the treatment provided; and
(j) Written records of any medications given while the child is at child care.
(2) Licensees must include the following authorizations in each child's record:
(a) Name, address, and telephone number of the person authorized to remove the child from the center;
(b) Written parental consent for transportation to and from school; and
(c) Written parental consent for transportation provided by the center to and from field trips, including field trip location, date of trip, departure and arrival times and any other additional information on which the parent may need to be advised.
(3) Licensees may use any health history form that the licensee chooses as long as it includes:
(a) The date of the child's last physical exam or the date the child was last seen by a health care provider for reasons other than immunizations;
(b) Allergies, expected symptoms, and method of treatment if necessary;
(c) Health and developmental concerns or issues;
(d) Any life threatening medical condition that requires an individual health plan;
(e) A list of current medications used by the child;
(f) Name, address, and phone number of the child's health care provider; and
(g) Name, address, and phone number of the child's dentist, if the child has a dentist.
(4) The individual records, including the certificate of immunization status, must be kept on the premises:
(a) For each child currently in care; and
(b) For five years after the child leaves enrollment in the licensee's care.
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