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In-home/relative providers—Background checks—Included information and sources.

(1) DSHS obtains background information, at a minimum, from the Washington state patrol under chapter 10.97 RCW and RCW 43.43.830 through 43.43.837 via the background check central unit (BCCU).
(2) The background information includes, at a minimum, criminal convictions and pending charges. Additional sources may include:
(a) Child/adult protective service case information;
(b) Civil judgments, determinations, or disciplinary board final decisions of abuse or neglect;
(c) Other states and federally recognized Indian tribes;
(d) The department of corrections and the courts;
(e) The individual being checked, if he or she self-discloses information; and
(f) Law enforcement records of convictions and pending charges in other states or locations if reports from credible community sources indicate a need to investigate another state's records.
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