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In-home/relative providersResponsibilities.

An in-home/relative provider must:
(1) Provide care, supervision, and daily activities based on the child's developmental needs;
(2) Report to DSHS within ten days any changes to their legal name, address or telephone number;
(3) Report to DSHS within twenty-four hours any pending charges or convictions they have;
(4) Report to DSHS within twenty-four hours any pending charges or convictions for anyone sixteen years of age and older who lives with the provider, including any person sixteen years of age or older who newly resides with the provider, when the provider cares for the child in the provider's home. Background checks must be completed for these persons as provided in WAC 170-290-0143;
(5) Report a revoked child care license;
(6) Bill only for actual hours of care provided. Those hours:
(a) Must be authorized by DSHS;
(b) Must be used by the consumer; and
(c) Can be claimed whether or not the consumer is present during the hours of care.
(7) Bill for no more than six children at one time during the same hours of care;
(8) Track attendance documenting the days and hours of care provided and keep records for five years:
(a) If paper attendance records are used, the provider must have the consumer sign and date the attendance records at least weekly, verifying the accuracy of the dates and times.
(b) Providers may use an electronic attendance system as provided in WAC 170-290-0139 to record attendance in lieu of a paper sign-in record;
(9) Repay any overpayments under WAC 170-290-0268; and
(10) Have at least one working telephone accessible in the home for incoming and outgoing calls during all times that subsidized child care is provided. The telephone must have 911 emergency services calling access.
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