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In-home/relative providersEligibility.

(1) To be eligible as an in-home/relative provider to care for children under WCCC, the applicant must be:
(a) Eighteen years of age or older;
(b) A citizen or legal resident of the U.S.; and
(c) Meet all of the requirements listed in WAC 170-290-0135.
(2) Additionally, eligible in-home/relative providers must:
(a) Meet all applicable background check requirements in part II of this chapter;
(b) Agree to provide care, supervision, and daily activities based on the child's developmental needs, including environmental, physical, nutritional, emotional, cognitive, safety, and social needs; and
(c) Bill only for actual hours of care provided. Those hours must be authorized by DSHS and used by the parent.
(3) The following eligible in-home/relative providers, except those providers residing with a disqualified person, may provide care in either their home or the child's home:
(a) Adult siblings that live outside the child's home;
(b) Extended tribal family members;
(c) Grandparents or great-grandparents; or
(d) Aunts or uncles, or great-aunts or great-uncles.
(4) All other eligible providers, including other family members, friends, neighbors, or nannies must provide care in the child's home only.
(5) The following persons are not eligible to provide in-home/relative care under part II of this chapter:
(a) The child's biological, adoptive, or step-parent;
(b) The child's legal guardian or the guardian's spouse or live-in partner;
(c) Another adult acting in loco parentis or that adult's spouse or live-in partner; or
(d) An individual who has a revoked child care license.
(6) WCCC consumers may have up to two in-home/relative providers authorized for payment during the consumer's eligibility period plus one back-up provider, either licensed or in-home/relative, also authorized to care for the consumer's children.
(7) WCCC consumers who choose in-home/relative care are responsible to monitor the environment and child care services they receive from their provider. WCCC consumers must ensure that their children who receive subsidized child care outside of their own home are current on all Washington state immunizations, unless exempt under department of health regulations.
(8) In-home/relative providers who are paid child care subsidies to care for children receiving WCCC benefits may not receive those benefits for their own children during the hours in which they provide subsidized child care. A child care provider who receives TANF benefits on behalf of a dependent child may not bill the state for subsidized child care for that same child.
(9) In-home/relative provider payments cannot begin prior to the receipt of all required background checks indicating no disqualifying information.
(10) WCCC consumers must be in an approved activity at application and reapplication and the requirements in WAC 170-290-0020 pertain for the in-home/relative provider to be eligible for subsidy payments.
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