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Eligible child care providers.

To receive payment under the WCCC program, a consumer's child care provider must be:
(1) A licensed, certified, or DEL-contracted provider.
(a) Licensed providers are:
(i) Currently licensed as required by chapter 43.215 RCW and chapters 170-295, 170-296, or 170-151 WAC; or
(ii) Meeting the provider's state's licensing regulations, for providers who care for children in states bordering Washington. DSHS pays the lesser of the following to qualified child care facilities in bordering states:
(A) The provider's private pay rate for that child; or
(B) The DSHS maximum child care subsidy daily rate for the DSHS region where the child resides.
(b) Certified providers are exempt from licensing but certified by DEL, such as:
(i) Tribal child care facilities that meet the requirements of tribal law;
(ii) Child care facilities on a military installation; and
(iii) Child care facilities operated on public school property by a school district.
(c) DEL-contracted seasonal day camp have a contract with DEL to provide subsidized child care; or
(2) An in-home/relative provider. Providers other than those specified in subsection (1) of this section must meet the requirements in WAC 170-290-0130.
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