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Approved activities for applicants and consumers not participating in WorkFirst.

(1) General requirements for employment, self-employment, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program employment and training (SNAP E&T) programs. An applicant or consumer may be eligible for WCCC benefits for up to a maximum of sixteen hours per day, including travel, study, and sleep time before or after a night shift, when he or she is:
(a) Employed under WAC 170-290-0003;
(b) Self-employed under WAC 170-290-0003; or
(c) Participating in the SNAP E&T program under chapter 388-444 WAC.
(2) Special requirements for education.
(a) An applicant or consumer who is under twenty-two years of age may be eligible for WCCC benefits for high school (HS) or general educational development (GED) program without a minimum number of employment hours.
(b) An applicant or consumer who is twenty-two years of age or older:
(i) May be eligible to receive general education and training benefits under this subsection. The consumer must work either:
(A) An average of twenty or more hours per week of unsubsidized employment; or
(B) An average of sixteen or more hours per week in a paid federal or state work study program;
(ii) Is limited to up to twenty-four months of WCCC benefits during the consumer's lifetime for participation in:
(A) Adult basic education (ABE);
(B) English as a second language (ESL); or
(C) High school/general educational development (GED) completion; and
(iii) Is limited to up to thirty-six months of WCCC benefits during the consumer's lifetime for participation in vocational education. The vocational education program must lead to a degree or certificate in a specific occupation and be offered by the following accredited entities only:
(A) Public and private technical college or school;
(B) Community college; or
(C) Tribal college; and
(iv) Is limited to up to ten hours per week of WCCC benefits for study time for approved classes. Approved classes include classroom, labs, online class and unpaid internships required by the vocational educational program.
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