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Recruiting statements.

(1) Employers are encouraged to seek a broad pool of applicants through recruitment efforts. It is permissible to use advertisements that contain nonexclusionary recruitment phrases, such as:
(a) "Equal opportunity employer."
(b) "We encourage workforce diversity."
(2) IT IS NOT PERMISSIBLE, however, to express or exercise a hiring preference based on protected status, UNLESS:
(a) The employer has a court order to do so or an authorization from this commission or another governmental agency of competent authority and jurisdiction; or
(b) The employer can prove that the expression is justified by a bona fide occupational qualification (please see WAC 162-16-240). In the absence of proof, the advertisement will be considered evidence of an unfair practice under the law.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.60.120(3). WSR 99-15-025, § 162-16-290, filed 7/12/99, effective 8/12/99.]