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Requirement for in-service training.

The commission recognizes that continuing education and training is the cornerstone for a successful career as a peace officer in providing competent public safety services to the communities of Washington state.
(1) Effective January 1, 2006, every peace officer certified under RCW 43.101.095 will complete a minimum of twenty-four hours of in-service training annually.
(a) This requirement is effective January 1, 2006, for incumbent officers.
(b) The in-service training requirement for each newly hired officer must begin on January 1 of the calendar year following their certification as a result of successful completion of the basic law enforcement academy, equivalency academy, or approved waiver as provided by WAC 139-03-030.
(c) Training may be developed and provided by the employer or other training resources.
(d) The commission will publish guidelines for approved in-service training.
(2) All records for training required for this rule must be maintained by the employing agency and be available for review upon request by an authorized commission representative.
(a) The commission will maintain records of successfully completed commission-registered courses.
(b) Upon request, the commission will furnish a recordkeeping template for use by agencies to track training.
(3) The sheriff or chief of an agency may approve an extension of three months for certified officers in their employ by notification in writing to the commission, identifying those specific officers.
(a) A sheriff or chief may request a three-month personal extension of the requirement by doing so in writing to the commission.
(b) Written requests submitted under the provision of this subsection must be received by December 1 of the calendar year in question.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.101.080. WSR 09-16-098, § 139-05-300, filed 8/4/09, effective 9/4/09; WSR 05-20-029, § 139-05-300, filed 9/28/05, effective 10/29/05; WSR 05-01-112, § 139-05-300, filed 12/15/04, effective 1/15/05.]