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132H-160-200  <<  132H-160-270 >>   132H-160-280

Admission to specific degree programs.

Applicants who are qualified for admission to Community College District VIII are required to enroll in one of the college's educational major programs. Upon receipt of a student's application to attend the college, the admissions office requests that the applicant file a data information request form stating his or her program major. However, all applicants who are qualified for admission to the college cannot always be accommodated in the educational program of their choice because of space limitations or because some prerequisites for program acceptance have not been fulfilled. In such cases, applicants are offered admission to the college as a preprogram major. In order to be considered for admission in the educational major program of their choice, at a later date, such students will be required to submit a supplemental application and present additional information to the admission office. Examples of information which might be considered may include but are not necessarily limited to the following:
(1) Grade point average.
(2) Successful completion of high school courses or elementary courses in the field.
(3) Recommendation and test scores.
Although criteria for program acceptance may vary from program to program, they are binding if all of the following conditions have been met:
(1) They have been accepted by the office of admission and the instructional program chairmen.
(2) The criteria applies to all students seeking admission to the educational program major.
(3) The criteria has been made available through printed statements in the office of admissions and in the advising offices of the educational programs prior to the first day of the preceding quarter.
[Order 15, § 132H-160-270, filed 4/18/73.]