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WAC 132H-120-245

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Appeals of disciplinary action—Generally.

(1) Appeals contesting any disciplinary action may be made by the student(s) involved. Such appeals shall be made in the following order:
(a) Disciplinary action taken by the dean of student services or his or her designee(s) may be appealed to the discipline committee, which may, at the request of the dean, hear the case de novo.
(b) Disciplinary recommendations made by the discipline committee may be appealed by the student to the president of the college. The president shall review the record of the proceedings which give rise to the appeal, as well as the recommendations made by the dean and the discipline committee. The president's decision shall be final.
(2) Any appeal by a student receiving a disciplinary sanction must meet the following conditions: (a) The appeal must be in writing and must clearly state errors in fact or matters in extenuation or mitigation which justify the appeal; and (b) the appeal must be filed within twenty-one calendar days from the date on which the student was notified that disciplinary action was being taken.
(3) All decisions shall be sent from the office of the dean to the president. Written decisions shall include the signature of the discipline committee chair. Copies shall be sent to the president of the college or his or her designee and the student involved in the proceeding.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW and RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 93-12-008, § 132H-120-245, filed 5/19/93, effective 6/19/93; WSR 92-19-047, § 132H-120-245, filed 9/10/92, effective 10/11/92.]