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WAC 132H-120-030

Agency filings affecting this section


As used in this student code of Community College District VIII the following words and phrases shall mean:
(1) "Alcoholic beverages" are any beverages as defined in RCW 66.04.010(15), as now law or hereafter amended.
(2) "Assembly" is any overt activity engaged in by two or more persons, the object of which is to gain publicity, advocate a view, petition for a cause or disseminate information to any person, persons or groups of persons.
(3) "Associated students" is the student body and such authorized groups organized under the provisions of the constitution and bylaws of the associated students of the college.
(4) "Board" means the board of trustees of Community College District VIII, state of Washington.
(5) "College" means Bellevue Community College located within Community College District VIII, state of Washington.
(6) "College property or facilities" are any and all real and personal property that the college owns, uses, controls or operates, including all equipment, buildings and appurtenances affixed thereon or attached thereto. College property and facilities extend to affiliated web sites, distance education classroom environments, and agencies or institutions that have educational agreements with the college.
(7) "College personnel" refers to any person employed on a full-time or part-time basis, except those who are faculty members, by Bellevue Community College.
(8) "Complaint" means any expression of dissatisfaction with the performance of a student, employee or procedure.
(9) "Controlled substance" is any drug or substance as defined in RCW 69.50 as now law or hereafter amended.
(10) "Disciplinary action" includes warning, reprimand, probation, expulsion, suspension, or any sanction of any student by the dean of student services, the college discipline committee, the president, or the board of trustees for the violation of any of the provisions of the student code for which sanctions may be imposed.
(11) "Distance education" means various methods of instructional delivery that include, but are not limited to, online courses, telecourses and interactive video courses.
(12) "District" means Community College District VIII, state of Washington.
(13) "Faculty member" means any employee of Bellevue Community College who is employed on a full-time or part-time basis as a teacher, counselor, librarian, or other position for which the training, experience and responsibilities are comparable as determined by the appointing authority, including administrative appointment.
(14) "Free speech area" means an area that shall be designated by the college president which can be reserved by student groups through the office of student programs.
(15) "President" means the duly appointed chief executive officer of Bellevue Community College, state of Washington, or in his/her absence, the acting chief executive officer.
(16) "Recognized student organization" shall mean and include any group or organization composed of students which is formally recognized by the associated students of Bellevue Community College.
(17) "Sponsored event or activity" shall mean any activity that is scheduled by the college and supervised and controlled by the college's faculty members, librarians, counselors, or other college personnel. Such "sponsorship" shall continue only as long as the event is supervised and controlled by the college faculty member, librarian, counselor or other college personnel. When the sponsored event or activity is of prolonged nature, and free time periods are permitted to the students participating in the event, any activity taking place during such a free time period outside of the supervision and control of the activity shall be deemed to a nonsponsored activity.
(18) "Student," unless otherwise qualified, means any person who is enrolled for classes or has been accepted for admission to the college.
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