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Official high school equivalency testing center—Definition.

As used in this chapter, the term "official high school equivalency testing center" means public or private agencies which have agreed to comply with the provisions of this chapter and with policies and regulations of the test publisher, and which have been designated by the state board for community and technical colleges, administrator of the high school equivalency testing program to administer the high school equivalency test. Additional official high school equivalency testing centers and local examiners shall be approved by the state administrator of the high school equivalency testing program at the state board for community and technical colleges when the following have been documented:
(1) Need for a new testing site in a specific region or location;
(2) Need for new or replacement examiner at a testing center;
(3) Commitment of the governing board or, if none, the chief official of the proposed new testing center to meet all testing center requirements described by the test publisher; and
(4) Availability of testing center personnel who meet the qualifications specified by the test publisher as determined by the authorizing agency.
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