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106-120-006  <<  106-120-007 >>   106-120-021

Cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

Central Washington University distinguishes its responsibility for student conduct from the controls imposed by the larger community beyond the university, and of which the university is a part. When students are charged with violations of laws of the nation or state, or ordinances of the county or city, the university will neither request nor agree to special consideration for students because of their status as students, but the university will cooperate with law enforcement agencies, courts, and any other agencies in programs for rehabilitation of students.
University disciplinary proceedings may be initiated against a student charged with conduct that potentially violates both the criminal law and this student conduct code (that is if both possible violations result from the same factual situation) without regard to the pendency of civil or criminal arrest and prosecution. Proceedings under this student conduct code may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings.
University proceedings are not subject to challenge or dismissal referencing, as a basis, that criminal charges involving the same incident have been dismissed or reduced. Determinations made or sanctions imposed under this student conduct code shall not be subject to change because criminal charges arising out of the same facts giving rise to violation of university rules were dismissed, reduced, or resolved in favor of or against the criminal law defendant. The university is not bound by the rules of evidence observed by courts in this state and may exclude incompetent, irrelevant, immaterial, and unduly repetitious evidence.
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