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Specific parking prohibitions.

(1) Parking in areas and places normally used for moving traffic is a specific violation of these regulations.
(2) Parking in such a position with relation to other parked cars or marked parking spaces as to impede, restrict, or prevent free ingress or egress by other automobiles violates these regulations.
(3) Parking in areas marked for a special permit or clearly designated by signing for special use not available to the general public or regular permit holders is prohibited. Examples: Parking in a space marked "disability permit only," or "health center permit only," or "psychology permit only."
(4) Parking and/or driving on sidewalks is prohibited.
(5) Parking or driving on lawns or flower beds is prohibited.
(6) Compact car zones are placed there for safety reasons. These spaces are to be used by small cars only. This restriction includes any size of the following vehicles: Pickups, sport utility vehicles, station wagons or any other large vehicles.
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