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RCW 4.24.470

Liability of officials and members of governing body of public agency—Definitions.

(1) An appointed or elected official or member of the governing body of a public agency is immune from civil liability for damages for any discretionary decision or failure to make a discretionary decision within his or her official capacity, but liability shall remain on the public agency for the tortious conduct of its officials or members of the governing body.
(2) For purposes of this section:
(a) "Public agency" means any state agency, board, commission, department, institution of higher education, school district, political subdivision, or unit of local government of this state including but not limited to municipal corporations, quasi-municipal corporations, special purpose districts, and local service districts.
(b) "Governing body" means the policy-making body of a public agency.
[1987 c 212 § 401.]
Actions against local government for tortious conduct: Chapter 4.96 RCW.