Chapter 31.04 RCW



31.04.025Application of chapter.
31.04.027Violations of chapter.
31.04.035License requiredWhen violation occurs.
31.04.045LicenseApplicationBackground checksFeeSurety bond.
31.04.055LicenseDirector's duties.
31.04.065LicenseInformation contained.
31.04.075LicenseePlace of business.
31.04.085LicenseeAssessmentBondTime of payment.
31.04.093LicensingApplicationsRegulation of licenseesDirector's duties and authorityFinesOrdersStatute of limitations.
31.04.102Loans secured, or not secured, by lien on real propertyLicensee's obligationsDisclosure of fees and costs to borrowerTime limits.
31.04.115Open-end loanRequirementsRestrictionsOptions.
31.04.125Loan restrictionsInterest calculations.
31.04.135Advertisements or promotions.
31.04.143Subpoena authorityApplicationContentsNoticeFees.
31.04.145Investigations and examinationsDirector's duties and powersProduction of informationCosts.
31.04.155LicenseeRecordkeepingDirector's accessReport requirementFailure to report.
31.04.165DirectorBroad administrative discretionRule makingActions in superior court.
31.04.168DirectorPowers under chapter 19.144 RCW.
31.04.175ViolationsNo penalty prescribedGross misdemeanorGood faith exception.
31.04.202Application of administrative procedure act.
31 . 04 . 205 Enforcement of chapterDirector's discretionHearingSanctionsRecovery of costs.
31.04.208Application of consumer protection act.
31.04.211Application of chapter2009 c 120.
31.04.221Mortgage loan originatorLicense requiredUnique identifier required.
31.04.224Licensing exemptionsResidential mortgage loans.
31.04.227Mortgage loan originationIndependent contractors.
31.04.231Individual loan processorLicensing exemptions.
31.04.234Mortgage loan originator licenseApplication form and content.
31.04.237Use of nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry.
31.04.241Mortgage loan originator applicationRequired submission and use of personal information.
31.04.244Mortgage loan originator applicationRequired informationFees.
31.04.247Issuance of mortgage loan originator licenseNecessary findings.
31.04.251Mortgage loan originator licenseRenewalSurrenderRules.
31.04.254Mortgage loan originator licensing processRulesInterim procedures.
31.04.257Mortgage loan originator interim license.
31.04.261Mortgage loan originatorPrelicensing education requirements.
31.04.264Mortgage loan originatorTesting requirements.
31.04.267Mortgage loan originatorContinuing education requirements.
31.04.271Mortgage loan originatorsSystem information may be challenged.
31.04.274Information provided to nationwide mortgage licensing system and registryConfidentialityRestrictions on sharing.
31.04.277Consumer loan companiesWhen reports of condition are required.
31.04.281Reports of violation2009 c 120.
31.04.284Mortgage loan originatorUnique identifierDisplay.
31.04.290Residential mortgage loan servicerRequirementsWritten detailed information.
31.04.293Residential mortgage loan modification servicesWritten disclosure summaryLimitation on feesRules.
31.04.297Third-party residential mortgage loan modification services providersDutiesRestrictions.
31 . 04 . 300 Residential mortgage loan servicerLiquidity, operating reserves, tangible net worth requirements.
31 . 04 . 310 Residential mortgage or student education loan servicerAppointment of receiver.
31 . 04 . 400 Program for student education loan servicersStudent achievement council's student loan advocateCostsFees.
31 . 04 . 405 Requirements for a student education loan servicerBorrower request for informationTransfer of service rightsRecordsRulesDirector's obligations.
31 . 04 . 410 Student education loan servicer licensee.
31 . 04 . 415 Third-party student education loan modification servicesRestrictionsRequirements.
31 . 04 . 420 Subject to student education loan servicer requirementsExempt from licensing.
31.04.500Short title.
31.04.510Requirements of licenseeMinimum capitalExceptions.
31.04.515Loan requirementsComplianceRules.
31.04.520Right to rescind transaction.
31.04.525Preapproval required from department of financial institutionsApplication of sectionRules.
31.04.530Required notice to prospective borrower about counselingFormContentsAnnual disclosure statementsProperty appraisals.
31.04.535Lender defaultTreble damagesCivil remedies.
31.04.540Loan advancesEligibility and benefits under means-tested programsSubject to federal law.
31.04.901Short title.
31.04.902Effective dates, implementation1991 c 208.
31.04.903Effective date2009 c 120.
31.04.904Effective date2010 c 35.
31 . 04 . 905 Application2018 c 62.
31 . 04 . 906 Short title2018 c 62.


Business license system exemption: RCW 19.02.800.
Department of financial institutions: Chapter 43.320 RCW.
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