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Chapter 28A.155 RCW


RCW Sections

28A.155.020Administration of program in the office of the superintendent of public instruction -- Adoption of definitions by rule -- Local school district powers not limited.
28A.155.030Division administrative officer -- Duties.
28A.155.040Authority of districts -- Participation of department of social and health services.
28A.155.045Certificate of individual achievement.
28A.155.050Services through special excess cost aid programs -- Apportionment -- Allocations from state excess funds.
28A.155.060District authority to contract with approved agencies -- Approval standards.
28A.155.065Early intervention services.
28A.155.070Services to students of preschool age with disabilities -- Apportionment -- Allocations from state excess cost funds.
28A.155.080Appeal from denial of educational program.
28A.155.090Superintendent of public instruction's duty and authority.
28A.155.100Sanctions applied to noncomplying districts.
28A.155.105Braille instruction -- Definitions.
28A.155.115Braille instruction--Assessment -- Provision in student's curriculum.
28A.155.140Curriculum-based assessment procedures for early intervening services.
28A.155.160Assistive devices and services -- Interagency cooperative agreements -- Definitions.
28A.155.170Graduation ceremony -- Certificate of attendance -- Students with individualized education programs.
28A.155.190Information on autism.
28A.155.200Condensed compliance reports -- Second-class districts.
28A.155.210Use of restraint or isolation -- Requirement for procedures to notify parent or guardian.
28A.155.220High school transition services -- Interagency agreements -- Education data center to monitor certain outcomes -- Annual report by superintendent of public instruction.