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Chapter 16.52 RCW


RCW Sections

16.52.011Definitions -- Principles of liability.
16.52.015Enforcement -- Law enforcement agencies and animal care and control agencies.
16.52.020Humane societies -- Enforcement authority.
16.52.025Humane societies -- Animal control officers.
16.52.080Transporting or confining in unsafe manner -- Penalty.
16.52.085Removal of animals for feeding and care -- Examination -- Notice -- Euthanasia.
16.52.090Docking horses -- Misdemeanor.
16.52.095Cutting ears -- Misdemeanor.
16.52.100Confinement without food and water -- Intervention by others.
16.52.110Old or diseased animals at large.
16.52.117Animal fighting -- Prohibited behavior -- Class C felony -- Exceptions.
16.52.165Punishment -- Conviction of misdemeanor.
16.52.180Limitations on application of chapter.
16.52.185Exclusions from chapter.
16.52.190Poisoning animals -- Penalty.
16.52.193Poisoning animals -- Strychnine sales -- Records -- Report on suspected purchases.
16.52.200Sentences -- Forfeiture of animals -- Liability for costs -- Penalty -- Education, counseling.
16.52.205Animal cruelty in the first degree.
16.52.207Animal cruelty in the second degree -- Penalty.
16.52.210Destruction of animal by law enforcement officer -- Immunity from liability.
16.52.220Transfers of mammals for research -- Certification requirements -- Pet animals.
16.52.225Nonambulatory livestock -- Transporting or accepting delivery -- Gross misdemeanor -- Definition.
16.52.230Remedies not impaired.
16.52.300Dogs or cats used as bait -- Seizure -- Limitation.
16.52.305Unlawful use of hook -- Gross misdemeanor.
16.52.310Dog breeding -- Limit on the number of dogs -- Required conditions -- Penalty -- Limitation of section -- Definitions.
16.52.320Maliciously killing or causing substantial bodily harm to livestock belonging to another -- Penalty.
16.52.330Veterinarians -- Animal cruelty -- Liability immunity.

Cruelty to stock in transit: RCW 81.48.070.

Pet animals -- Taking, concealing, injuring, killing, etc. -- Penalty: RCW 9.08.070.