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RCW 9A.72.085

Unsworn statements, certification.

     *** CHANGE IN 2014 *** (SEE 6279-S.SL) ***

Whenever, under any law of this state or under any rule, order, or requirement made under the law of this state, any matter in an official proceeding is required or permitted to be supported, evidenced, established, or proved by a person's sworn written statement, declaration, verification, certificate, oath, or affidavit, the matter may with like force and effect be supported, evidenced, established, or proved in the official proceeding by an unsworn written statement, declaration, verification, or certificate, which:

     (1) Recites that it is certified or declared by the person to be true under penalty of perjury;

     (2) Is subscribed by the person;

     (3) States the date and place of its execution; and

     (4) States that it is so certified or declared under the laws of the state of Washington.

     The certification or declaration may be in substantially the following form:

     "I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that the foregoing is true and correct":
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
(Date and Place) (Signature)

     This section does not apply to writings requiring an acknowledgment, depositions, oaths of office, or oaths required to be taken before a special official other than a notary public.

[1981 c 187 § 3.]