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Chapter 9A.52 RCW


RCW Sections

9A.52.020Burglary in the first degree.
9A.52.025Residential burglary.
9A.52.030Burglary in the second degree.
9A.52.040Inference of intent.
9A.52.050Other crime in committing burglary punishable.
9A.52.060Making or having burglar tools.
9A.52.070Criminal trespass in the first degree.
9A.52.080Criminal trespass in the second degree.
9A.52.090Criminal trespass -- Defenses.
9A.52.095Vehicle prowling in the first degree.
9A.52.100Vehicle prowling in the second degree.
9A.52.110Computer trespass in the first degree.
9A.52.120Computer trespass in the second degree.
9A.52.130Computer trespass -- Commission of other crime.