Chapter 90.48 RCW
Policy enunciated.
Jurisdiction of department.
Rule-making authority.
Authority of department to bring enforcement actions.
Hazardous substance remedial actionsProcedural requirements not applicable.
Environmental excellence program agreementsEffect on chapter.
Discharge of polluting matter in waters prohibited.
Right of entrySpecial inspection requirements for metals mining and milling operations.
Authority of department to compel attendance and testimony of witnesses, production of books and papersContempt proceedings to enforceFees.
Request for assistance.
Plans and proposed methods of operation and maintenance of sewerage or disposal systems to be submitted to departmentExceptionsTime limitations.
Plan evaluationConsideration of reclaimed water.
Notice of department's determination that violation has or will occurReport to department of compliance with determinationOrder or directive to be issuedNotice.
ViolationsLiability in damages for injury or death of fish, animals, vegetationAction to recover.
ViolationsCivil penaltyProcedure.
Construction of chapter.
Cooperation with federal governmentFederal funds.
Cooperation with other states and provincesInterstate and state-provincial projects.
Grants to public bodies authorized.
Waste disposal permitRequiredExemptions.
Waste disposal permits required of counties, municipalities and public corporations.
Waste disposal permits required of counties, municipalities and public corporationsCities, towns or municipal corporations may be granted authority to issue permitsRevocationTermination of permits.
Waste disposal permits required of counties, municipalities and public corporationsApplicationNotice as to new operation or increase in volumeInvestigationNotice to other state departments.
Waste disposal permits required of counties, municipalities and public corporationsIssuanceConditionsDuration.
Waste disposal permits required of counties, municipalities and public corporationsTerminationGrounds.
Waste disposal permits required of counties, municipalities and public corporationsModification or additional conditions may be ordered.
Waste disposal permits required of counties, municipalities and public corporationsNonaction upon applicationTemporary permitDuration.
Upland finfish facilitiesWaste discharge standardsWaste disposal permit.
Marine finfish rearing facilitiesWaste discharge standardsDischarge permit applicationsExemption.
Issuance of national pollutant discharge elimination system permits associated with nonnative marine finfish aquaculture.
Application of administrative procedure law to rule making and adjudicative proceedings.
Water pollution orders for conditions requiring immediate actionAppeal.
Agreements or contracts to monitor waters and effluent discharge.
Federal clean water actDepartment designated as state agency, authorityDelegation of authorityPowers, duties, and functions.
Exercise of powers under RCW 90.48.260Aquatic resource mitigation.
Implementation of RCW 90.48.260Permits for energy facilitiesRules and procedures.
Federal clean water actRules for on-site sewage disposal systems adjacent to marine waters.
Sewage drainage basinsAuthority of department to delineate and establish.
Sewage drainage basinsComprehensive plans for sewage drainage basins.
Contracts with municipal or public corporations and political subdivisions to finance water pollution control projectsRequisitesPriorities.
Grants to municipal or public corporations or political subdivisions to aid water pollution control projectsLimitations.
Application of barley straw to waters of the state.
Discharge of oil into waters of the stateDefinitions.
Discharge of oil into waters of the stateCompensation schedule.
Discharge of oil into waters of the stateAssessment of compensation.
Discharge of oil into waters of the statePreassessment screening.
Department of natural resources leases.
Coastal protection fundEstablishedMoneys credited toUse.
Coastal protection fundDisbursal of moneys from.
Water quality standards affected by forest practicesDepartment of ecology solely responsible for water quality standardsForest practices rulesAdoptionExaminationEnforcement procedures.
Water quality standardsCompliance methodsDepartment authority.
Forest practices act and regulations relating to water quality protection to be utilized to satisfy federal water pollution act.
Watershed restoration projectsApproval processWaiver of public review.
Aquatic noxious weed controlWater quality permitsDefinition.
Aquatic plant management programCommercial herbicide informationExperimental application of herbicidesAppropriation for study.
Eurasian water milfoilPesticide 2,4-D application.
Discharges from agricultural activityConsideration to be given as to whether enforcement action would contribute to conversion of land to nonagricultural useMinimize the possibility.
Discharge of chlorinated organicsEngineering reports by pulp and paper millsPermits limiting discharge.
Water discharge feesReport to the legislature.
Reduction of sewer overflowsPlansCompliance schedule.
Sewage treatment facilitiesPlans to upgrade or construct.
Water conservation measures to be considered in sewer plans.
Review of operations before issuance or renewal of wastewater discharge permitsIncorporation of permit conditions.
Construction projects involving fill materialLeaching test.
Leaching testsIdentificationReport to the legislature.
Use attainability analysis of water within federal reclamation project boundariesRules.
Stormwater technical resource centerDutiesAdvisory committeeReport to legislative committees.
Water quality dataFindingsIntent.
Water quality dataDefinitions.
Water quality dataCredible data, information, literature.
Water quality dataWhen credible.
Water quality dataFalsified dataPenalty.
On-site sewage disposal system repair and replacementLoan and grant programs.
Amending state water quality standardsCompliance schedules in excess of ten years authorized.
Short title1971 ex.s. c 180.
County water and sewerage systems, approval of the department of social and health services and the department of ecology: RCW 36.94.100.
Domestic waste treatment plantsCertification and regulation of operators: Chapter 70.95B RCW.
Environmental certification programsFeesRulesLiability: RCW 43.21A.175.
Oil and hazardous substance spill prevention and response: Chapter 90.56 RCW.
Oil tankers on Puget Sound, restrictions, etc.: RCW 88.16.170 through 88.16.190.
Shellfish, sanitary control: RCW 69.30.130.
Washington clean air act: Chapter 70.94 RCW.
Water-sewer district powers as to mutual systems, approval of exercise by pollution control commission: RCW 57.08.065.
Water pollution control facilities, tax exemptions and credits: Chapter 82.34 RCW.
Water resources act of 1971: Chapter 90.54 RCW.
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