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RCW 90.46.200

Authority of the departments of ecology and health—Lead agency—Duties.

(1) The department of ecology and the department of health shall have authority to carry out all the provisions of this chapter including, but not limited to, permitting and enforcement. Only the department of ecology or the department of health may act as a lead agency for purposes of this chapter and will be established as such by rule. Enforcement of a permit issued under this chapter shall be at the sole discretion of the lead agency that issued the permit.
(2) All permit applications shall be referred to the nonlead agency for review and consultation. The nonlead agency may choose to limit the scope of its review.
(3) The authority and duties created in this chapter are in addition to any authority and duties already provided in law. Nothing in this chapter limits the powers of the state or any political subdivision to exercise such authority.
[2009 c 456 § 7.]