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Chapter 90.44 RCW


RCW Sections

90.44.020Purpose of chapter.
90.44.030Chapter not to affect surface water rights.
90.44.040Public groundwaters subject to appropriation.
90.44.050Permit to withdraw.
90.44.052Whitman county clustered residential developments pilot project -- Exemption from permit requirements.
90.44.055Applications for water right or amendment -- Consideration of water impoundment or other resource management technique.
90.44.060Laws governing withdrawal.
90.44.062Use of reclaimed water by wastewater treatment facility -- Permit requirements inapplicable.
90.44.070Limitations on granting permit.
90.44.080Certificate -- Showing required.
90.44.090Certificate of vested rights.
90.44.100Amendment to permit or certificate -- Replacement or new additional wells -- Exemption for small irrigation impoundments.
90.44.105Amendment to permit or certificate -- Consolidation of rights for exempt wells.
90.44.110Waste of water prohibited -- Exceptions.
90.44.120Penalty for waste or unauthorized use of water.
90.44.130Priorities as between appropriators -- Department in charge of groundwater withdrawals -- Establishment and modification of groundwater areas and depth zones -- Declarations by claimant of artificially stored water.
90.44.180Hearing to adjust supply to current needs.
90.44.200Water supervisors -- Duties -- Compensation.
90.44.220Petition to conduct an adjudication to determine rights to water.
90.44.230Effect of findings and judgment.
90.44.250Investigations -- Reports of appropriators.
90.44.400Groundwater management areas -- Purpose -- Standards -- Identification -- Designation.
90.44.410Requirements for groundwater management programs -- Review of programs.
90.44.420Groundwater management programs -- Consideration by department of ecology -- Public hearing -- Findings -- Adoption of regulations, ordinances, and programs.
90.44.430Groundwater management programs -- Guidance to local governments and certain departments.
90.44.440Existing rights not affected.
90.44.445Acreage expansion program -- Authorization -- Certification.
90.44.450Metering or measuring groundwater withdrawals -- Reports.
90.44.460Reservoir permits.
90.44.500Civil penalties.
90.44.510Superseding water right permit or certificate--Water delivered from federal Columbia Basin project.
90.44.520Odessa groundwater subarea -- Involuntary nonuse of water rights -- Conditions -- Notice -- Report to the legislature.
90.44.530Applications to appropriate groundwater under a cost-reimbursement agreement.
90.44.540Expedited processing of applications -- Notification -- Fees.

Aquifer protection areas: Chapter 36.36 RCW.