Chapter 90.44 RCW


Purpose of chapter.
Chapter not to affect surface water rights.
Public groundwaters subject to appropriation.
Permit to withdraw.
Whitman county clustered residential developments pilot projectExemption from permit requirements.
Applications for water right or amendmentConsideration of water impoundment or other resource management technique.
Laws governing withdrawal.
Use of reclaimed water by wastewater treatment facilityPermit requirements inapplicable.
Limitations on granting permit.
CertificateShowing required.
Certificate of vested rights.
Amendment to permit or certificateReplacement or new additional wellsExemption for small irrigation impoundments.
Amendment to permit or certificateConsolidation of rights for exempt wells.
Waste of water prohibitedExceptions.
Penalty for waste or unauthorized use of water.
Priorities as between appropriatorsDepartment in charge of groundwater withdrawalsEstablishment and modification of groundwater areas and depth zonesDeclarations by claimant of artificially stored water.
Hearing to adjust supply to current needs.
Water supervisorsDutiesCompensation.
Petition to conduct an adjudication to determine rights to water.
Effect of findings and judgment.
InvestigationsReports of appropriators.
Groundwater management areasPurposeStandardsIdentificationDesignation.
Requirements for groundwater management programsReview of programs.
Groundwater management programsConsideration by department of ecologyPublic hearingFindingsAdoption of regulations, ordinances, and programs.
Groundwater management programsGuidance to local governments and certain departments.
Existing rights not affected.
Acreage expansion programAuthorizationCertification.
Metering or measuring groundwater withdrawalsReports.
Reservoir permits.
Civil penalties.
Superseding water right permit or certificateWater delivered from federal Columbia Basin project.
Odessa groundwater subareaInvoluntary nonuse of water rightsConditionsNoticeReport to the legislature.
Applications to appropriate groundwater under a cost-reimbursement agreement.
Expedited processing of applicationsNotificationFees.
Aquifer protection areas: Chapter 36.36 RCW.
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