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Chapter 90.03 RCW


RCW Sections

90.03.005State water policy -- Cooperation with other agencies -- Reduction of wasteful practices.
90.03.010Appropriation of water rights -- Existing rights preserved.
90.03.020Units of water measurement.
90.03.030Right to convey water along lake or stream -- Conveyance to intake structure in neighboring state.
90.03.040Eminent domain -- Use of water declared public use.
90.03.060Water masters -- Appointment, compensation.
90.03.070Water masters -- Duties -- Office space and equipment -- Clerical assistance.
90.03.090Water master's power of arrest.
90.03.100Prosecuting attorney, legal assistant.
90.03.105Petition by planning units for general adjudication.
90.03.110Determination of water rights -- Petition -- Statement and plan.
90.03.120Determination of water rights -- Order -- Summons -- Necessary parties -- Use of innovative practices and technologies encouraged.
90.03.130Determination of water rights -- Service of summons.
90.03.140Determination of water rights -- Adjudication claim by defendant.
90.03.150Determination of water rights -- Guardian ad litem for defendant.
90.03.160Determination of water rights -- Response to motions under RCW 90.03.640(3) -- Notice of intent to cross-examine -- Appointment of a referee -- Special rules.
90.03.180Determination of water rights -- Filing fee.
90.03.200Determination of water rights -- Final decree and notice of decree -- Payment of fees -- Appellate review of decree.
90.03.210Determination of water rights -- Interim regulation of water -- Appeals.
90.03.220Determination of water rights -- Failure to appear -- Estoppel.
90.03.230Determination of water rights -- Copy of decree to director.
90.03.240Determination of water rights -- Certificate of adjudicated water right -- Notice -- Fees.
90.03.243Determination of water rights -- State to bear its expenses, when -- County must be provided extraordinary costs imposed due to adjudication.
90.03.245Determination of water rights -- Scope.
90.03.247Minimum flows and levels -- Departmental authority exclusive -- Other recommendations considered.
90.03.250Appropriation procedure -- Application for permit -- Temporary permit.
90.03.252Use of reclaimed water by wastewater treatment facility -- Permit requirements inapplicable.
90.03.255Applications for water right, transfer, or change -- Consideration of water impoundment or other resource management technique.
90.03.260Appropriation procedure -- Application -- Contents.
90.03.265Appropriation procedure -- Cost-reimbursement agreement for expedited review of application--Adoption of rules.
90.03.270Appropriation procedure -- Record of application.
90.03.280Appropriation procedure -- Notice.
90.03.290Appropriation procedure -- Department to investigate -- Preliminary permit -- Findings and action on application.
90.03.300Appropriation procedure -- Diversion of water for out-of-state use -- Reciprocity.
90.03.310Appropriation procedure -- Assignability of permit or application.
90.03.320Appropriation procedure -- Construction work.
90.03.330Appropriation procedure -- Water right certificate.
90.03.340Appropriation procedure -- Effective date of water right.
90.03.345Establishment of reservations of water for certain purposes and minimum flows or levels as constituting appropriations with priority dates.
90.03.350Construction or modification of storage dam -- Plans and specifications -- Additional dam safety inspection requirements for metals mining and milling operations.
90.03.360Controlling works and measuring devices -- Metering of diversions -- Impact on fish stock.
90.03.370Reservoir permits -- Secondary permits -- Expedited processing -- Underground artificial storage and recovery project standards and rules -- Exemptions -- Report to the legislature.
90.03.380Right to water attaches to land -- Transfer or change in point of diversion -- Transfer of rights from one district to another -- Priority of water rights applications -- Exemption for small irrigation impoundments -- Electronic notice of an application for an interbasin water rights transfer.
90.03.383Interties -- Findings -- Definitions -- Review and approval.
90.03.386Coordination of approval procedures for compliance and consistency with approved water system plan.
90.03.390Temporary changes -- Emergency interties -- Rotation in use.
90.03.395Change of point of diversion to downstream intake structure -- Intent.
90.03.397Department may approve change of the point of diversion prescribed in a permit to appropriate surface water -- Requirements.
90.03.400Crimes against water code -- Unauthorized use of water.
90.03.410Crimes against water code -- Interference with works -- Wrongful use of water -- Property destruction -- Penalty.
90.03.420Crimes against water code -- Obstruction of right-of-way.
90.03.430Partnership ditches -- Action for reimbursement for work done.
90.03.440Partnership ditches -- Procedure for division of water between joint owners.
90.03.450Partnership ditches -- Lien for labor performed.
90.03.460Inchoate rights not affected.
90.03.470Schedule of fees.
90.03.471Disposition of fees.
90.03.500Storm water control facilities -- Imposition of rates and charges -- Legislative findings.
90.03.510Storm water control facilities -- Imposition of rates and charges -- Credit for other improvements.
90.03.520Storm water control facilities -- Imposition of rates and charges -- Definitions.
90.03.525Storm water control facilities -- Imposition of rates and charges with respect to state highway rights-of-way.
90.03.540Highway construction improvement projects -- Joint storm water treatment facilities.
90.03.550Municipal water supply purposes -- Beneficial uses.
90.03.560Municipal water supply purposes -- Identification.
90.03.570Change or transfer of an unperfected surface water right for municipal water supply purposes.
90.03.580Failing public water system -- Conditions.
90.03.590Municipal water suppliers -- Watershed agreement -- Pilot project.
90.03.591New watershed agreements prohibited after July 1, 2008.
90.03.600Civil penalties.
90.03.605Compliance -- Sequence of enforcement measures -- Location of compliance personnel.
90.03.615Calculating annual consumptive quantity.
90.03.620Water rights adjudication -- Disqualification of judge.
90.03.625Water rights adjudication -- Motion for default.
90.03.630Water rights adjudication -- Use for which a statement of claim is required.
90.03.635Water rights adjudication -- Filing of evidence.
90.03.640Water rights adjudication -- Preliminary investigation -- Department's report of findings.
90.03.645Water rights adjudication -- Early settlement encouraged -- Approval of settlement.
90.03.650Water rights processing account.
90.03.655Expedited processing of applications -- On department's own volition -- Notice -- Fees.
90.03.660Expedited processing of applications -- Notice to tribal governments.
90.03.665Certified water right examiners -- Fees -- Rules.
90.03.670Processing of water right applications -- Scope of chapter 285, Laws of 2010.
90.03.675Storm water retention ponds--Mosquito abatement.

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Aquifer protection areas: Chapter 36.36 RCW.