Chapter 84.64 RCW

(Formerly Certificates of delinquency)

RCW Sections

84.64.040Prosecuting attorney to foreclose on request.
84.64.050Certificate to county -- Foreclosure -- Notice -- Sale of certain residential property eligible for deferral prohibited.
84.64.060Payment by interested person before day of sale.
84.64.070Redemption before day of sale -- Redemption of property of minors and legally incompetent persons.
84.64.080Foreclosure proceedings -- Judgment -- Sale -- Notice -- Form of deed -- Recording.
84.64.120Appellate review -- Deposit.
84.64.130Certified copies of records as evidence.
84.64.180Deeds as evidence -- Estoppel by judgment.
84.64.190Certified copy of deed as evidence.
84.64.200Prior taxes deemed delinquent -- County as bidder at sale -- Purchaser to pay all delinquent taxes, interest, or costs.
84.64.215Deed recording fee -- Transmittal to county auditor and purchaser.