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RCW 82.42.050

Failure of distributor to file report or statement—Determination by director of amount sold, delivered or used—Basis for tax assessment—Penalty—Records public. (Effective until July 1, 2016.)

Should any distributor fail to file any report or statement, as shall be required by rule and regulation of the director, showing the total number of gallons of aircraft fuel sold, delivered or used by a distributor within the state during the preceding calendar month, the director shall proceed forthwith to determine from the best available sources such amount and said determination shall be presumed to be correct for that period, until proved by competent evidence to be otherwise. The director shall immediately assess the excise tax in the amount so determined, adding thereto a penalty of ten percent for failure to report. Such penalty shall be cumulative of other penalties herein provided. All statements or reports required to be filed with the director as required in this section shall be public records.