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RCW 82.04.625

Exemptions — Custom farming services. (Expires December 31, 2020.)

     *** CHANGE IN 2014 *** (SEE 6505.SL) ***

(1) This chapter does not apply to any:

     (a) Person performing custom farming services for a farmer, when the person performing the custom farming services is: (i) An eligible farmer; or (ii) at least fifty percent owned by an eligible farmer; or

     (b) Person performing farm management services, contract labor services, services provided with respect to animals that are agricultural products, or any combination of these services, for a farmer or for a person performing custom farming services, when the person performing the farm management services, contract labor services, services with respect to animals, or any combination of these services, and the farmer or person performing custom farming services are related.

     (2) The definitions in this subsection apply throughout this section.

     (a) "Custom farming services" means the performance of specific farming operations through the use of any farm machinery or equipment, farm implement, or draft animal, together with an operator, when: (i) The specific farming operation consists of activities directly related to the growing, raising, or producing of any agricultural product to be sold or consumed by a farmer; and (ii) the performance of the specific farming operation is for, and under a contract with, or the direction or supervision of, a farmer. "Custom farming services" does not include the custom application of fertilizers, chemicals, or biologicals.

     For the purposes of this subsection (2)(a), "specific farming operation" includes specific planting, cultivating, or harvesting activities, or similar specific farming operations. The term does not include veterinary services as defined in RCW 18.92.010; farrier, boarding, training, or appraisal services; artificial insemination or stud services, agricultural consulting services; packing or processing of agricultural products; or pumping or other waste disposal services.

     (b) "Eligible farmer" means a person who is eligible for an exemption certificate under RCW 82.08.855 at the time that the custom farming services are rendered, regardless of whether the person has applied for an exemption certificate under RCW 82.08.855.

     (c) "Farm management services" means the consultative decisions made for the operations of the farm including, but not limited to, determining which crops to plant, the choice and timing of application of fertilizers and chemicals, the horticultural practices to apply, the marketing of crops and livestock, and the care and feeding of animals.

     (d) "Related" means having any of the relationships specifically described in section 267(b) (1), (2), and (4) through (13) of the internal revenue code, as amended or renumbered as of January 1, 2007.

[2007 c 334 § 1.]


     Effective date -- 2007 c 334: "This act takes effect August 1, 2007." [2007 c 334 § 3.]

     Expiration date -- 2007 c 334: "This act expires December 31, 2020." [2007 c 334 § 4.]