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Chapter 79.36 RCW


RCW Sections


79.36.310Acquisition of property interests for access authorized.
79.36.320Condemnation -- Duty of attorney general.
79.36.330Disposal of property interests acquired.
79.36.340Acquisition -- Payment.

79.36.350Application for right-of-way.
79.36.355Grant of easements and rights in public land.
79.36.370Lands subject to easements for removal of valuable materials.
79.36.380Private easement subject to common user.
79.36.390Reasonable facilities and service for transportation must be furnished.
79.36.400Duty of utilities and transportation commission.
79.36.410Penalty for violation of orders.
79.36.430Forfeiture for nonuse.
79.36.440Right-of-way for public roads.
79.36.450Railroad right-of-way.
79.36.460Railroad right-of-way -- Procedure to acquire.
79.36.470Railroad right-of-way -- Appraisement.
79.36.480Railroad right-of-way -- Improvements -- Appraisal.
79.36.490Railroad right-of-way -- Release or payment of damages.
79.36.500Railroad right-of-way -- Certificate.
79.36.510Utility pipe lines, transmission lines, etc.
79.36.520Utility pipe lines, transmission lines, etc. -- Procedure to acquire.
79.36.530Utility pipe lines -- Appraisal -- Certificate -- Reversion.
79.36.540Right-of-way for irrigation, diking, and drainage purposes.
79.36.550Right-of-way for irrigation, diking, and drainage purposes -- Procedure to acquire.
79.36.560Right-of-way for irrigation, diking, and drainage purposes -- Appraisal -- Certificate.
79.36.570Grant of overflow rights.
79.36.580Construction of foregoing sections.
79.36.590Easement reserved in later grants.
79.36.600Private easement over state lands.
79.36.610Easement over public lands subject to common user.
79.36.620Reservations in grants and leases.
79.36.630Duty of utilities and transportation commission.
79.36.640Penalty for violating utilities and transportation commission's order.
79.36.650Applications -- Appraisement -- Certificate -- Forfeiture -- Fee.

Diking district right-of-way: RCW 85.05.080.

Flood control district right-of-way: Chapter 86.09 RCW.

Reclamation district right-of-way: RCW 89.30.223.