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Chapter 79.100 RCW


RCW Sections

79.100.020Chapter not exclusive remedy.
79.100.030Authority of authorized public entity -- Owner retains primary responsibility -- Limitation on civil liability.
79.100.040Obtaining custody of vessel.
79.100.050Use or disposal of vessel.
79.100.060Reimbursement for costs.
79.100.070Contract with private company/individual.
79.100.080Chapter not exclusive.
79.100.100Derelict vessel removal account.
79.100.110Vessel abandoned or derelict upon aquatic lands -- Causing a vessel to block a navigational channel -- Penalty.
79.100.120Contesting an authorized public entity's decision to take temporary custody or possession of a vessel -- Contesting the amount of reimbursement.
79.100.130Private moorage facility owner may contract with a local government -- Contract requirements.
79.100.140Authority to board a vessel -- Administrative search warrant.
79.100.150Transfer of certain vessels -- Vessel inspection -- Secondary liability.
79.100.160Voluntary vessel turn-in program.
79.100.170Transfer of ownership of certain vessels -- Marine insurance policy.
79.100.180Derelict vessel removal fee.
79.100.900Severability -- 2002 c 286.
79.100.901Effective date -- 2002 c 286.