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Chapter 77.95 RCW


RCW Sections

77.95.010Legislative findings.
77.95.020Long-term regional policy statements.
77.95.030Salmon enhancement plan -- Enhancement projects.
77.95.040Commission to monitor enhancement projects and enhancement plan.
77.95.050"Enhancement project" defined.
77.95.060Regional fisheries enhancement group authorized.
77.95.070Regional fisheries enhancement groups -- Goals.
77.95.080Regional fisheries enhancement groups -- Incorporation prerequisites.
77.95.090Regional fisheries enhancement group account -- Revenue sources, uses, and limitations.
77.95.100Regional fisheries enhancement groups -- Start-up funds.
77.95.130Regional fisheries enhancement salmonid recovery account -- Created.
77.95.140Skagit river salmon recovery plan.
77.95.150Coordination with regional enhancement groups -- Findings.
77.95.160Fish passage barrier removal board -- Membership -- Duties.
77.95.170Salmonid fish passage -- Removing impediments -- Grant program -- Administration -- Database directory.
77.95.180Fish passage barrier removal program.
77.95.190Field testing of remote site incubators.
77.95.200Remote site incubator program -- Reports to the fish and wildlife commission.
77.95.210Sale of surplus salmon eggs -- Order of priority.
77.95.220Legislative finding.
77.95.230Director's determination of salmon production costs.
77.95.240State purchase of private salmon smolts.
77.95.250State purchase of private salmon smolts -- Bids.
77.95.260State purchase of private salmon smolts -- Private ocean ranching not authorized.
77.95.270State purchase of private salmon smolts -- Availability of excess salmon eggs.
77.95.280Chinook and coho salmon -- External marking of hatchery-produced fish -- Findings.
77.95.290Chinook and coho salmon -- External marking of hatchery-produced fish -- Program.
77.95.300Chinook and coho salmon -- External marking of hatchery-produced fish -- Rules.
77.95.310Report identifying total salmon and steelhead harvest.
77.95.320Program utilizing department-partnership agreements to operate and manage certain hatcheries -- Selection of partners -- Partnership agreements.
77.95.322Report to the legislature -- Implementation of RCW 77.95.320.
77.95.330Powers and authorities conferred by chapter to be construed as in addition and supplemental.
77.95.340Identification and removal of impediments to fish passage.
77.95.900Severability -- 1985 c 458.