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RCW 77.32.238

Adoption of rules defining a person with a disability—Shooting from a motor vehicle—Assistance from licensed hunter.

(1) The commission shall adopt rules defining who is a person with a disability and governing the conduct of persons with a disability who hunt and their designated licensed hunters. It is unlawful for any person to possess a loaded firearm in or on a motor vehicle except a person with a disability who possesses a disabled hunter permit and all appropriate hunting licenses may discharge a firearm or other legal hunting device from a nonmoving motor vehicle that has the engine turned off. A person with a disability who possesses a disabled hunter permit shall not be exempt from permit requirements for carrying concealed weapons, or from rules, laws, or ordinances concerning the discharge of these weapons. No hunting shall be permitted from a motor vehicle that is parked on or beside the maintained portion of a public road, except as authorized by the commission by rule.
(2) A person with a disability holding a disabled hunter permit may be accompanied by one licensed hunter who may assist the person with a disability by killing game wounded by the person with a disability, and by tagging and retrieving game killed by the person with a disability or the designated licensed hunter. A nondisabled hunter shall not possess a loaded gun in, or shoot from, a motor vehicle.
[2007 c 254 § 5; 1989 c 297 § 2.]