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RCW 77.32.014

Licenses, tags, and stamps — Revocation/privileges suspended for noncompliance with support order.

Licenses, tags, and stamps issued pursuant to this chapter shall be revoked and the privileges suspended for any period in which a person is certified by the department of social and health services or a court of competent jurisdiction as a person in noncompliance with a support order. Fish and wildlife officers and ex officio fish and wildlife officers shall enforce this section through checks of the department of licensing's computer database. A listing on the department of licensing's database that an individual's license is currently suspended pursuant to RCW 46.20.291(8) shall be prima facie evidence that the individual is in noncompliance with a support order. Presentation of a written release issued by the department of social and health services stating that the person is in compliance with an order shall serve as prima facie proof of compliance with a support order.

[2001 c 253 § 50; 2000 c 107 § 265; 1998 c 191 § 8; 1997 c 58 § 881.]


     Effective date -- 1998 c 191: See note following RCW 77.32.400.

     Short title -- Part headings, captions, table of contents not law -- Exemptions and waivers from federal law -- Conflict with federal requirements -- Severability -- 1997 c 58: See RCW 74.08A.900 through 74.08A.904.

     Effective dates -- Intent -- 1997 c 58: See notes following RCW 74.20A.320.