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Chapter 74.39A RCW


RCW Sections

74.39A.007Purpose and intent.
74.39A.010Assisted living services and enhanced adult residential care -- Contracts -- Rules.
74.39A.020Adult residential care -- Contracts -- Rules.
74.39A.030Expansion of home and community services -- Payment rates.
74.39A.040Department assessment of and assistance to hospital patients in need of long-term care.
74.39A.051Quality improvement principles.
74.39A.056Criminal history checks on long-term care workers.
74.39A.060Toll-free telephone number for complaints -- Investigation and referral -- Rules -- Discrimination or retaliation prohibited.
74.39A.070Rules for qualifications and training requirements -- Requirement that contractors comply with federal and state regulations.
74.39A.074Training requirements for long-term care workers.
74.39A.076Training requirements for individual providers caring for family members.
74.39A.080Department authority to take actions in response to noncompliance or violations.
74.39A.086Enforcement actions against persons not certified as home care aides and their employers.
74.39A.090Discharge planning -- Contracts for case management services and reassessment and reauthorization -- Assessment of case management roles and quality of in-home care services -- Plan of care model language.
74.39A.095Case management services -- Agency on aging oversight -- Plan of care -- Termination of contract -- Rejection of individual provider.
74.39A.100Chore services -- Legislative finding, intent.
74.39A.110Chore services -- Legislative policy and intent regarding available funds -- Levels of service.
74.39A.120Chore services -- Expenditure limitation -- Priorities -- Rule on patient resource limit.
74.39A.130Chore services -- Department to develop program.
74.39A.140Chore services -- Employment of public assistance recipients.
74.39A.150Chore services for persons with disabilities -- Eligibility.
74.39A.155Support for persons at risk of institutional placement.
74.39A.160Transfer of assets -- Penalties.
74.39A.170Recovery of payments -- Transfer of assets rules for eligibility -- Disclosure of estate recovery costs, terms, and conditions.
74.39A.180Authority to pay for probate actions and collection of bad debts.
74.39A.200Training curricula, materials -- In public domain -- Exceptions.
74.39A.210Disclosure of employee information -- Employer immunity -- Rebuttable presumption.
74.39A.250Department duties.
74.39A.261Department duties -- Criminal background checks on individual providers.
74.39A.270Collective bargaining -- Circumstances in which individual providers are considered public employees -- Exceptions.
74.39A.310Contract for individual home care services providers -- Cost of increase in wages and benefits funded--Formula.
74.39A.320Establishment of capital add-on rate--Determination of medicaid occupancy percentage.
74.39A.325In-home personal care or respite services -- Electronic timekeeping.
74.39A.326In-home personal care or respite services to family members -- Department not authorized to pay -- Exceptions -- Enforcement -- Rules.
74.39A.331Peer mentoring.
74.39A.341Continuing education requirements for long-term care workers.
74.39A.351Advanced training.
74.39A.360Training partnership.
74.39A.370Addressing long-term care complaint workload.
74.39A.380Internal quality review and accountability program for residential care services -- Quality assurance panel -- Report.
74.39A.390Personal care services -- Glove access.
74.39A.400Personal care services -- Community first choice option.
74.39A.800Changes to agreements -- Performance of duties.
74.39A.900Section captions -- 1993 c 508.
74.39A.901Conflict with federal requirements.
74.39A.902Severability -- 1993 c 508.
74.39A.903Effective date -- 1993 c 508.