Chapter 74.39A RCW


Purpose and intent.
Assisted living services and enhanced adult residential careContractsRules.
Adult residential careContractsRules.
Expansion of home and community servicesPayment rates.
Expansion of nutrition services through the meals on wheels program.
Department assessment of and assistance to hospital patients in need of long-term care.
Quality improvement principles.
Criminal history checks on long-term care workers.
Toll-free telephone number for complaintsInvestigation and referralRulesDiscrimination or retaliation prohibited.
Rules for qualifications and training requirementsRequirement that contractors comply with federal and state regulations.
Training requirements for long-term care workers.
Training requirements for individual providers caring for family members.
Rules for the approval of curricula for facility-based caregivers serving persons with behavioral health needs and geriatric behavioral health workersCurricula requirements.
Department authority to take actions in response to noncompliance or violations.
Enforcement actions against persons not certified as home care aides and their employers.
Discharge planningContracts for case management services and reassessment and reauthorizationAssessment of case management roles and quality of in-home care servicesPlan of care model language.
Case management servicesAgency on aging oversightPlan of careTermination of contractRejection of individual provider.
Chore servicesLegislative finding, intent.
Chore servicesLegislative policy and intent regarding available fundsLevels of service.
Chore servicesExpenditure limitationPrioritiesRule on patient resource limit.
Chore servicesDepartment to develop program.
Chore servicesEmployment of public assistance recipients.
Chore services for persons with disabilitiesEligibility.
Support for persons at risk of institutional placement.
Transfer of assetsPenalties.
Recovery of paymentsTransfer of assets rules for eligibilityDisclosure of estate recovery costs, terms, and conditions.
Authority to pay for probate actions and collection of bad debts.
Training curricula, materialsIn public domainExceptions.
Disclosure of employee informationEmployer immunityRebuttable presumption.
Department duties.
Department dutiesCriminal background checks on individual providers.
Collective bargainingCircumstances in which individual providers are considered public employeesExceptionsIndividual provider payJoint legislative-executive overtime oversight task force.
Individual provider overtimeQuarterly expenditure reports.
Contract for individual home care services providersCost of increase in wages and benefits fundedFormula.
Establishment of capital add-on rateDetermination of medicaid occupancy percentage.
In-home personal care or respite servicesElectronic timekeeping.
In-home personal care or respite services to family membersDepartment not authorized to payExceptionsEnforcementRules.
Peer mentoring.
Continuing education requirements for long-term care workers.
Advanced training.
Training partnership.
Addressing long-term care complaint workload.
Internal quality review and accountability program for residential care servicesQuality assurance panelReport.
Personal care servicesGlove access.
Personal care servicesCommunity first choice option.
Changes to agreementsPerformance of duties.
Section captions1993 c 508.
Conflict with federal requirements.
Effective date1993 c 508.
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